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Calling home

USS Columbia: Personal Log Database

by MCPO Thompson Gunn
[Stardate ]


USS Columbia 201810.08
Thompson Gunn
PL- Calling Home

Tom had had a long week. The guard had inventoried ever small arm on the ship including several in officer's personal collection.

Walking into his quarters he walked over to his desk. “Computer” he requested call my wife. The computer popped up and activated.    

“Calling C.Lynn Gunn” the computer responded.

“How's my girl?” he asked as the image of the better half showed on the screen.

“I went to the doctor today.” She said rubbing her round belly. It gonna be a boy.

Thompson smiled. “I have the perfect name - Peter. He will have his own theme song.

“Two more months, hun. I am so ready. No more morning sickness.” She sighed.    

“I know. Stay strong gal.” he encouraged. You know me I just wanted to check and see how you were holding up.”    

He was satisfied that she was OK so he signed off. A boy, he knew it.

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