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An Intriguing Offer

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by Fleet Captain Adam McMahon
[Stardate ]

An Intriguing Offer
by: Crownan and Emery
Note: This log takes place before the last sim on SD: 0201903.07

    Crownan stood in the holographic maintenance bay, using the same system to create a 3-dimensional schematic of the aeon-flux disrupter as promised in their agreement. A bit of breathe between himself and his “friends”, the security detail, was allowed thanks to Emery’s presence. He smiled as the hologram diligently worked away at adjusting things just to his specifications. “You are certainly a marvel of your age my good man. Tell me, is this the zenith of your existence…or have you dreamt of becoming more?”

    Utilizing the display he finished the framework and internal structures, compiling them together in the representation. Collapsing his arms together to visibly condense the hologram, then throwing the image in front of him, displaying the completed image for final approval from Crownan. “My program is designed to constantly grow and adapt. Evolving to meet any new task or challenge set in front of me. I am very much not at my “zenith”, Mr. Crownan.” Emery watched the man, curiously amused by his response, as he casually strolled around the representation.

    “I mean no disrespect my holographic friend. It’s simply where I’m from, holograms are solely used for communication and data usage. You’re fascinating to me. Your crew seems to act as though you’re alive.” Crownan said, pausing, he held up his hand, holding off any rebuttal from Emery. “Again, no insult. I cannot argue that you are more interesting than the piles of junk we currently have at home…though that’s purposeful of course. The Syndicate wouldn’t want another race of independent thinkers to contend with.” He moved closer to Emery. “Well done on the frame, the emitter array needs to be adjusted slightly.” Crownan made a few minor adjustments to a few things as well as the emitter. “Perfect.”

    Continuously studying the former high level Syndicate Commander even as he casually walked around the holographic display. His demeanor was calm and relaxed, his voice showed now indication of misdirection. Emery was able to witness both his impressive engineering prowess and knowledge. “I understand your fascination, it is certainly mutual. While we have encountered people with special abilities before, yours are quite unique and still not fully understood. But given your somewhat…malevolent introduction, one would not have surmised your defection to our Universe. However, given that the Syndicate threat is quite possible as well as eminent, we do need your assistance in stopping them in any way possible.” He nodded as Crownan complemented the work he had done. Emery made sure that no adjustments made would interfere with the operation of the buoy. “This design should disrupt the build up of energies as well as provide a means of early warning. Though it will not fully inhibit a breach, it will slow them down.”

    “Exactly. Giving you the time you need to amass your fleet and blow them into space dust.” Crownan said with a smirk as he patted Emery on the shoulder. “You even feel like the genuine article. Just a mass of photons and forcefields, hmph. Impressive.” Still smirking, now somewhat admiringly. “Now what would you say to taking that bit and going one step further?”

    Raising an eyebrow curiously at the sudden question, Emery shook his head. “I fail to understand your query? To what do you refer?”

    “Well, what would you say if I could give you that next leap? To give you a taste of solidified form. You wouldn’t be human by any means, but you’d have a true body.” Crownan’s smirk widening as he turned to face him squarely now. “You see, I’m in the business of making deals, it’s what I do. I could show you how to create an artificial body along with a matching synthetic brain that could house your impressive program. All I ask in return is that you get these friends of yours off my back. I’m only interested in staying alive, you fine folks hold the cards in the technology department against the Syndicate. Not to mention, I can’t snap my fingers on all of you and I can’t blink to somewhere in my universe without being close and certainly not in this strange universe.”

    It took Emery a moment to process what Crownan was both offering and asking for in return, but the prospect had been on his mind recently. The holo-suit was still quite bulky and somewhat unreliable at times. It would be a few years before a proper mobile emitter would be produced as well. “It would increase my effectiveness, I would be able to help out more in the field. I could aid in reducing possible casualties. It is an intriguing offer, Mr. Crownan.” It could be considered as the next step in advancing his program, which was built into his matrix to continuously find ways to evolve and become more able useful to his fellow crew members. “I would be able to transfer myself into and out of this body?” Crownan nodded assuringly. “I will need to discuss this with Captain McMahon and Commander Cloud, I am unable to make such unilateral decisions without their authority.” He raised a brow curiously. “Given the robotic level of technology displayed on your vessel, how is it you are able to facilitate such a body?”

    Crownan gave a nod once more. “Not a problem, I had assumed as much. After all, you are a program, attached to this ship.” Smirking at Emery’s question. “I thought you paid attention. I told you that was purposeful. Before the Syndicate came into power, the mech-aides were much more advanced. More alive in appearance as well as function, they were elegantly designed to look remarkably near indistinguishable to Zanthian…or Human for you I suppose. Once the Syndicate came into being, they saw the potential for conflict. The more intelligent and Zanthian-like, the more likely they’d one day evolve and want freedom. So, they were stripped down and made into what your people saw on the Breach Cruiser. Little more than button pushers.” Pausing to lean in slightly. “I happen to be well aware of those restricted designs and how to construct them.” Gesturing to the holographic’s bay. “If we can design the buoy here and build it at this Starbase of yours, then we could build your artificial body using the same method just as easily.”

    Thoughts of positronic brain failure came to mind as well as a multitude of other possible risk factors came to mind. Including the possibility of this all being part of a trick by Crownan. All raced through the mind of Emery as he considered the offer from Crownan while taking in the background of where the knowledge came from. “I will discuss this with the Captain and Commander. Until then, I will have the Security Officers escort you to your new living quarters.” He nodded to the officers.

    “Excellent. I could use a bit of rest, it should certainly be an improved view over the grey wall of despair.” Crownan smirked as the officers cautiously approached him. “Don’t worry boys, I promise not to make your day too interesting. Besides, I could use a drink, either of you gents care to join?” He smirked as he waved to Emery, walking away escorted by the two security officers warily behind him.

    Emery tapped his commbadge. “Captain, the schematics have been completed. I have much to report.”

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