USF Personal Log
USS Independence Lounge image
A Boarding Issue

USS Independence Lounge

by Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton
[Stardate ]


USS Independence NCC-74418
SD 201811.29
Ens. Lizz Ag’Mis
PL- Medical and Psychological Evals Upon Boarding

The new operations officer had tossed her carryon onto her bed.. Her first duty shift was planned for tomorrow at 0700. She barely had time to get a quick tour of the ships vital areas and report to medical for her boarding eval. She was not sure how familiar her doctors were with Gorn physiology. She was even more sceptical of the Psyche Eval that was next on her to do list before her first shift on the bridge.

At least that was the way she had dreamt it in the shuttle. Not shot down in the hallway of the docking facility where she was to board the Indy. In the instant she was hit her mind raced. ~Why?~ ,Now her medical boarding took on a whole new meaning. As her body crumpled she saw the guard smirking as he zealously continued his assault..


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