USS Independence Mission Brief
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Indy: Sim Report 201903.14

U.S.S. Independence

Sim report: 201903.14

Officers present:
Fleet Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Lt. Jake Edwards, Lt. Paul Sanders, Dr. Smee,  Lt.j.g. Siboyze 183, Lt.j.g. Kirei Edwards, Ensign Blue, Ensign Zebones, , Dr. McLain & Emery


Absent: Ensign Agimis


NPC: Crownan (played by McMahon, Ensign Tong, Ensign Wier


The Indy is out in the Delta Quadrant, about to face an enemy they still do not know the full extent of their power.  With the special buoys built, they set out to deploy the devices that will supposedly detect and help to deter the Syndicate’s entry into this space. Crownan, the “former” Syndicate boss, warns that his boss has abilities that make Crownan’s look like a magic show.


Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Commander Travis Cloud (Commander Sterik)
Second officer/chief helm officer
























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