USS Independence Mission Brief
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Independence Mission Brief SD: 0201902.07
“Unexpected Visit”
USS Independence
NCC 81295-B
SIM BRIEF SD: 0201902.07

Sim Summary:

U.S.S. Independence

Sim report: 201901.31

      Indy continued studying the area of space where the tear was to see if they could reopen it to retrieve the away team.  The ship is hit with sudden gravimetric waves which slightly rock the ship, then dissipate. Meanwhile, Travis and his team get to the main computer core control room. They distract the guards and manage to get into the room.  The three techs, working inside, are stunned by phaser fire and Travis goes to work getting his suit’s tricorder to pull delicate information about the Syndicate. After getting quite a bit of info, the computer goes into lock-down and sounds an alarm. The away team is forced to find a more clandestine way out of the room.  As they move through the ventilation shaft, Travis gets an ominous feeling.  At the same time, another ship moves in, this one dwarfing the already-massive Syndicate ship.


Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
Second officer/Chief Helm Officer

Mission Brief:

    Away Team;

1st: Find a way to escape capture if possible, maintaining your covert status if able.

2nd: Acquire secondary objective and disable the ship's rift generator permanently.

3rd: Ascertain whether or not the joining ship is part of the Syndicate or possible another threat or ally.

4th: Find a way to return to our Quadrant, most likely using Syndicate tech.


1st: Prepare to reopen the rift and retrieve the team.

2nd: Be ready for battle situation upon arrival.

3rd: End any engagement as quickly as possible.

4th: If the team has not permanently disabled the Rift Generator, make it so.

-F.C. McMahon
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