USS Independence Mission Brief
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"Unexpected Guests" Mission Brief SD: 0201901.10
“Unexpected Guests”

USS Independence
NCC 81295-B
SIM BRIEF SD: 0201901.10

Mission Brief/Summary:
Sim Summary:

     Indy arrives in her new exploration area.  They drop to impulse and start taking scans. It isn’t long before the ship’s forward momentum is interrupted by some disturbance.  The “disturbance” soon becomes a singularity and then a massive ship appears in front of the Federation starship. The ship demands the Indy’s surrender, saying they should, “bow to the might of the Grand Syndicate.”

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
Second officer/Chief helm officer

Mission Brief:

    With what appears to be the Indy’s first test of “Diplomacy” upon redeployment, we are to act as reservedly as possible. This could lead to further similar interactions within the Delta Quadrant, a calm approach is believed to be best in order to secure easier dealings in the future. We are to find out what the Grand Syndicate is without destroying or harming the attacking vessel (if possible). We need to learn of their intentions as well as where exactly they are based at and if they can be reasoned with. Given our superior defensive and offensive capabilities we should be able to handle this situation with minimal effort, but we shouldn’t underestimate them.


Helm- Keep us within a reasonable distance from the ship and avoid damage if able.

Tactical- Maintain Red Alert status, make certain that weapons are intended to disable the attacking vessel.

Science- Analyze the data along with Emery to ascertain their point of origin from their technology and biological information given by the sensors.

Operations- Work with tactical to help avoid catastrophic damage of the attacking vessel.

Engineering- Maintain ship systems and prepare the Independence for battle situations.

Medical- Be prepared to treat possible injuries should we receive enemy injuries or possible unforeseen dangers to the ship.

Have fun!

Fleet Captain Adam McMahon
Commanding Officer
USS Independence
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