USS Independence Mission Brief
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Indy: Sim Report 201811.01

U.S.S. Independence

Sim report: 201811.01

Officers present:
Fleet Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Dr. Smee, Lt.j.g. Siboyze 183, Ensign Zeboned, Dr. McLain & Emery


L.O.A.: Ensign Blue

The year is 2344, the ship is the Ambassador-class, U.S.S. Independence. Key members of the senior staff and oter crewmembers are actually crewmembers from 2395, but they are occupying the bodies of the officers from that era on that ship (thank you Q).


An away team is sent over to the powerless Klingon BoPs. They start to scan the ship and find many unusual things including technology that is definitely not Klingon. Eventually, Lt. Commander Harris recognizes them as a newer version of the Romulan drone ships encountered by the NX Enterprise. Just as this recognition is made, the BoPs poer up and take off for the Klingon border at maximum warp. The Independence pursues, as do the two Klingon battle cruisers, which now threaten to take out the BoPs if they cross the border.



Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Commander Travis Cloud (Commander Sterik)
Second officer/chief helm officer









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