USS Independence Mission Brief
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Sim Report 201807.05
Login U.S.S. Independence
Sim report: 201807.05

Officers present:
Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Dr. Smee, Lt.j.g. Siboyze 183,  Ensign Blue, Dr. McLain, Ensign Zebones

The Independence is being towed by a Sentinel ship, toward the Sentinel homeworld.  Lt. Commander Trevor Cloud works with his crews to get things back online.  Lt. COmmander Travis Cloud orders Ensign Blue and Zebones off the bridge to go take a break. Ensign Blue looks for stress relief in the form of Trevor's twin children. Ensign Zebones tries to keep herself alert with repeated mugs of espresso, but still manages to fall asleep.  Dr. McLain is finally awake, but suffers from some severe headache issues. Dr. Smee gives her another shot so she can sleep and she decides to use one of Smee's hands as a cuddle toy.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
Second officer/chief helm officer

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