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  Lt. Commander Travis Cloud & Lieutenant Junior Grade Siboyze 183, SD
"Scout to Scout" JDL
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JDL: Lt. Commander Travis Cloud, Lt.j.g. Siboyse 183, Lt. j.g. Rae Laurie, Ensign Glenn Hardy

“Seven to four,” Lt. Commander Travis Cloud said over the comm-link between the four Vega-scout shuttles and the ruabout piloted by Emery, the artificial intellifence program now using a special suit to give him a physical presence. “We should be able to handle that.”

Piece of cake,” came the voice of Lieutenant junior grade Rae Laurie.  She was piloting Vega 4. Her comment brought a smile to Travis’ face.

“Remember, we need just one getting by and out by the runabout so Emery can snag it,” Travis reminded his team.

How do you want to handle that, Commander?” Lt. junior grade Siboyze 183 asked over the link.

“I’m glad you asked, Sib,” Travis replied. “Their scouts haven’t seen us yet, thanks to the stealth mode. I want you to hang here and disengage stealth.  Once they see you, they should came barreling this way. Vega 3, 4 and myself will remain in stealth and meet them head on. We’ll manage to leave one slip through and you lead it past the runabout and let Emery handle it.”

Got you,” Siboyze 183 acknowledged. “I’ll even vent some plasma, make it look like I’ve got troubles.”

Smart thinking, Sib,” came the voice of Ensign Glenn Hardy, piloting Vega 3.  “Distract from the thought of them falling into an ambush.”

Well thank you, Glann-boy,” Siboyze responded saucily. S/he could just picture the cute young ensign, with strawberry=blonde heir, blushing. “I’m so touched you approve.”

“Okay,” Lt. Commander Cloud said with a chuckle, “Let’s do this.  We’re each going to need to take out two of their scouts.”

Only two?” Laurie asked. “You better work quick, ‘Glenn-boy,’ or I’ll take one of your sout.

Don’t you worry about me, Rae,” Hardy shot back. “I’ll get my guys.”

Travis directed his scout back toward the Sentinel space station where the scout ships were still buzzing and looking for their intruders. He didn’t worry about either of the other pilots. Rae Laurie, Glenn hardy and Siboyze 183 were the best scout pilots on the Independence.  They practiced regularly and their flight skills were second only to Travis’ own.

Aboard Vega 2, Lt,j.g. Siboyze 183 watched hir teammates pull away. S/he turned the scout and started off in the opposite direction toward the runabout. The Hermat had thought to simply disengage the stealth-mode, then release the plasma, but reared that might look like the trap they were setting.  S/he entered ac command into the console to create an imbalance in the engines. As hoped, the engines started performing poorly and venting plasma which Sib knew would reveal hir presence.

On his scanner, Travis saw emission leakage, which had attracted the attention of one of the Sentinel scouts. The pre-planned leakage grew more intense, and then Siboyze’s Vega-scout faded into view.  One of the Sentinel scout ships was already headed this way, and the other six altered their course once Sib’s ship was visible.

“Emery, one coming your way,” Travis said over the comm. “And let’s make sure only one gets through.”

A reply did not come from the other ships, and one wasn’t really necessary. He could see each of the other Vega-scouts on his own scanner thanks to the special transponder broadcasting on a encrypted frequency only the other ships associated with the Independence could see. Travis watched the sensors on the opposing forces go wild, searching ahead for any other ships that might be along with the one they could now see.  Unfortunately for them, the stealth features of the Vegas were no match for the Sentinel sensors until it was much too late. Travis saw phaser cannon pulses burst out from his teammates before he engaged the two he had picked out to deal with.

The Sentinel scout ships scattered, initially confused by the ambush.  Travis had to admit, their shps were quick and maneuverable, but despite the more advanced technology they had seen on the space station, they weren’t as maneuverable as the Vega-scouts. One of the best features of this fighter craft was that it interacted well with the special stealth/flight suit the pilots wore. One could make a simple move of their right hand and the scout would back right.  A more severe gesture would send the scout on a steeper angle. Travis felt it was the closest, he could imagine, to just thinking of where you wanted the ship to go and it would.

Vega 1’s phase cannon pulses strafed the two targets, forcing them to part.  Lt. Comander Cloud flipped his scout sharply and went after the one that had gone to his left.  It took two tries, as the Sentinel pilot was good, but Travis managed to knock out his opponent’s engines. He didn’t want to kill any of the Sentinels.

An alarm sounded, and Travis saw the second Sentinel scout bearing down on him. Cloud glanced quickly at the tactical analysis of the scout hunting him down. He suddenly had an “oh cool!” and an “Oh crap”” moment.  The Sentinel scout had what appeared to be a translucent ball at the nose. Energy was now spewing from that ball. What Travis feared would happen, when he looked at the tactical analysis is exactly what did happen.

At the last possible moment, Cloud dove his Vega sharply.  The energy beam followed him and struck the shields, immediately reducing them by half. Travis utilized his aft firing tube to send out a quick plasma burst to confuse the other scout’s sensor lock, then made yet another sharp turn, to be sure to get out of the Sentinel scout’s sites.  This put him at an angle where he was coming up toward the under belly of his opponent. Travis selected his target and fired, striking that translucent ball and rendering the Sentinel scout’s offensive capabilities moot.

Will you quit playing with that last scout ship already, Glenn-boy,” came Lt.j.g. Laurie’s coice over the comm

I got it, I got it!” insisted Ensign Hardy. Travis turned his ship back toward the others in time to see the phase pulases come from Vega 3 and the sixth Sentinel scout went dark.  Travis smiled.

“Alright, you two,” Cloud said into the comm, “Let’s beat it back to Sib and Emery.”

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