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  Lieutenant Commander Trevor Cloud, SD
Sim Chat Log 201712.21
Login M-5 screwed us again this week, but Here is the log:

(10:00:07 PM) M-5: =/\= USS Independence
(10:00:07 PM) M-5: =/\= 201712.21 2200:07 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
(10:00:07 PM) M-5: =/\= Present: M-5, LtCdr_TravisCloud, Ens_Leigh_Zebones, Ltjg_Siboyze183, LtCdr_TrevorCloud, Ensign_Blue, Ens_Valeria_McLain, USFMcMhn, Dr_Smee
(10:00:11 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: ATTENTION ON DECK
(10:00:14 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones: ::AA::
(10:00:16 PM) Ensign_Blue: ::AA::
(10:00:19 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: ::AA::
(10:00:23 PM) Dr_Smee: ::AA::
(10:00:38 PM) Ltjg_Siboyze183: ::AA::
(10:01:11 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: ::AA::
(10:01:33 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: The crew is yours, Skipper. ::AA::
(10:04:59 PM) USFMcMhn: Thank you, Travis. Good evening everyone. I hope you're having a good week so far. Tonight we will pick up where we left off last week. We'll be about 8 hours into repairs. We'll find that the Delfy Station is surprisingly efficient at it's purpose even aiding with healing the injuries of the crew.
(10:06:29 PM) Emery entered the room.
(10:06:29 PM) Dr_Smee: How nice of Delfy.
(10:07:15 PM) Ltjg_Siboyze183: (How do you like that. The holo-gram, of all the crew, shows up late)
(10:07:51 PM) Dr_Smee: (He probably had to reboot.)
(10:07:59 PM) Ensign_Blue: (be nice to him)
(10:08:20 PM) USFMcMhn: Again, there seems to be no ill-intent perceived on the part of the Delfy, however, Trevor, Emery and myself will remain on the ship as constant oversight of the repairs. The rest of the crew should be taking the time to check out the strange station and maybe get some background on the Delfy. Any questions/comments before we get started?
(10:08:36 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: (Ahem! :: points up to the AA order:: )
(10:09:47 PM) Dr_Smee: No questions, Sir. :: Goes AA again::
(10:10:05 PM) Ltjg_Siboyze183: No questions, Sir.
(10:10:40 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: Nae quaistshuns, sair
(10:10:45 PM) USFMcMhn: ::nodding:: Okay then...
(10:10:48 PM) USFMcMhn: =/\= B · E · G · I · N S · I · M =/\=
(10:11:14 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: @ :: seeing if Delfy will let him back into the command center::
(10:11:23 PM) Ensign_Blue: ::walks around the strange station, curious::
(10:11:41 PM) Dr_Smee: @ ::in Delfy's infirmary::
(10:12:02 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones: @;;on Delfy station, trying to find out more about its origins and creators as well as its other capabilities;;
(10:12:28 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: ::aboard Indy, checking on areas already repaired by Delfy::
(10:13:44 PM) Dr_Smee: @ :: accesses one of the computer terminals:: Delfy?
(10:14:22 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: @:: in Delfy's infirmary, as well, working on finding out more from Delfy about the knowledge it has about the different races and their medical problems;;
(10:14:42 PM) Ltjg_Siboyze183: @ :: resting in the quarters provided by Delfy::
(10:17:00 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: @Dailfy haw mich waeld ye chairje feris tae gait a cawpy o yer files?
(10:17:23 PM) Emery: ::transferring himself to the location of the Commander:: ::looking to Trevor after transfer is completed:: Sir, I could not detect any sabotage on behalf of the Defly, as of yet, anyhow.
(10:17:43 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones: @;;keeps working on finding out more about Delfy's origins;;
(10:19:37 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> My files were not a prerequisite of the repair agreement. Though compensation through bio-units would be and acceptable offer.
(10:19:38 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: jumps as he wasn't expecting Emery to show up in this access tube, bumps his heads:: Ow!.. :: rubs it::: Yeah, I have found nothing but immaculate repairs.
(10:19:48 PM) USFMcMhn: *an
(10:20:23 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: I waes Jist aiskin Dailfy, tapadh leibh
(10:21:12 PM) Dr_Smee: @ Delfy? Can you tell us more of your makers?
(10:21:48 PM) Emery: ::smiles:: My apologies Commander. I will announce my presence next time. ::nodding:: I do not suspect it intends to deceive us, not in this particular manner, in any case.
(10:23:05 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: Yeah... just give a little whistle as you appear or something.
(10:23:28 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: starts crawling to the next junction::
(10:24:36 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: says to Emery as he crawls:: I don't expect it to, no, but... It all seems real convenient. TOO eonvenient.
(10:24:57 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> I was designed to offer repair assistance to those in need in order to facilitate the collection of knowledge from alien species. Hospitality can be an effective means of diplomatically obtaining data on various technologies. These technologies are sometimes adapted to be utilized by the Delfy system.
(10:25:33 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: I guess I could accept a roving repair system. Starfleet does have their fleet of repair vessels and space stations just for ship repairs.
(10:27:11 PM) Dr_Smee: Very effective. But... where do you originate from? Does your designation, 'Delfy' have a specific meaning?
(10:27:46 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: @ Sae ye're lak ain aintirgailactic traiple Aye, be tha ait?
(10:28:27 PM) Emery: ::nodding:: I tend to agree, Commander. This technology is still years ahead of Starfleet.
(10:30:17 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: Pfft.... Tell me about it! :: stops at the next repair area:: These components are... incredible, Emery. We should see a increase of significance in efficiency.
(10:30:45 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> There are many similar systems such as my self spanning this galaxy and others. I have been traveling for a long time.
(10:31:16 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones: @;;keeps checking over Delfy trying to learn all she can about the repair station;;
(10:31:28 PM) Dr_Smee: @ how did you KNOW we even needed help, Delfy?
(10:33:24 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> I am programmed to scan for ships in need of repairs. My ability to scan is several times that of your vessel, once detected I sought out your signal. It is believed that those in need would be less likely to attack and more willing to agree to a trade of information or fuel.
(10:35:20 PM) Emery: ::nodding:: It is interesting that not only are we receiving repairs but systems that are impressively efficient even by Starfleet standards. Some minor upgrades of sorts
(10:35:22 PM) Emery: .
(10:35:27 PM) Dr_Smee: @ Fascinating. Now... the payment. Do you utilize it yourself or do you report back to someone to dole it out?
(10:36:57 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: turns in the tube, looking at Emery:: Has Delfy... prodded you any?
(10:37:50 PM) Emery: ::shakes head:: Not yet. Though it will only be a matter of time before it augments the hologrid...possibly my holomatrix as well.
(10:38:48 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: Should we isolate your program?
(10:39:06 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: smiles:: Or are you looking forward to a little prodding?
(10:39:59 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> Both. If the technology can be adapted to increase efficiency of this system then it is incorporated. The data is still sent to the creators. Through a transdimensional array, a communique is transmitted to Delfaine Prime.
(10:40:49 PM) Emery: ::smiles:: I would prefer not. In case my program becomes considered corrupted and I am purged from the database.
(10:42:05 PM) Dr_Smee: @ It would be most enlightening to speak with the creators. :: Looks over to Valeria with a hopeful look::
(10:42:29 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: @;;looks back to Dr Smee and nods;;
(10:43:21 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: chuckles:: I hear you. :: continues on to the next repair point
(10:45:52 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> Communication is not possible with the creators as two-way communication has not occurred since entering this galaxy 541.2 cycles ago.
(10:46:22 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: scans the next set of circuits:: Damn! We have been trying to replicate these AZinka relays for a month with no luck. We should get Delfy to give us extras of these babies.
(10:48:13 PM) Dr_Smee: @ :: raises brows:: That sounds like quite a few cycles ago. Can we learn more about the Creators?
(10:48:30 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain left the room
(10:48:37 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain entered the room.
(10:48:42 PM) Emery: ::nodding:: It is possible. I am certain the Captain will be able to arrange additional components.
(10:48:50 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones left the room
(10:48:56 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones entered the room.
(10:48:59 PM) Dr_Smee: (Wb, Valeria-dear)
(10:49:16 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: tytyty
(10:49:37 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> That information is not restricted. You may access my database concerning the creators with any panel aboard this station.
(10:50:39 PM) Dr_Smee: (Did you catch my last query to Delfy, Captain? About learning more about the creators?)
(10:51:30 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: scans the relay:: We may not have to. It looks like Delfy has negated the flaw in the relay that has been causing it to blow out.
(10:52:21 PM) USFMcMhn: ((Yeah, sorry. Just so we can assume you guys get that information between sims. Which I'll come up with by next week))
(10:53:16 PM) Dr_Smee: (No problem, Sir)
(10:53:24 PM) Emery: ::nodding:: It appears know exactly how to enhance each system in comes into contact with as repairs continue.
(10:53:31 PM) Emery: *to know
(10:54:27 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: I have to admit, Emery. I am in awe of Delfy. I just hope... Awe continues.
(10:55:24 PM) Dr_Smee: @ :: Listens as Delfy relates about the creators::
(10:56:18 PM) Emery: Indeed, one hopes we can trust the Delfy. It would be a rather refreshing change of pace. Especially considering where we find ourselves now. No allies to speak of and anyone we have encountered appears unpleasant or hostile.
(10:57:48 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: Well, hopefully we can learn more about where we actually are and how to get back to our galaxy.
(10:58:05 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: I'd even welcome seeing the Delta Auadrant again.
(10:59:25 PM) Emery: ::Nodding:: Perhaps they have information relating to the beings we first encountered upon our arrival. With their technology, the trip home could be near instantaneous.
(10:59:51 PM) Dr_Smee: @ If we would have agreed to the 100 biological units, Delfy, wha tould have happened to them?
(11:01:03 PM) USFMcMhn: Delfy> That information is restricted. I apologies. You may inquire about any other information.
(11:01:20 PM) USFMcMhn: *apologize
(11:01:52 PM) USFMcMhn: =/\= P · A · U · S · E S · I · M =/\=
(11:02:00 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: ;;paused;;
(11:02:04 PM) Ensign_Blue: ::paused::
(11:02:07 PM) Ens_Leigh_Zebones: ;;paused;;
(11:02:08 PM) Dr_Smee: @ :: shrugs:: It was worth a shot. How many other ships have you assisted?
(11:02:16 PM) Emery: ::pause::
(11:02:25 PM) Dr_Smee: :: pause::
(11:02:56 PM) USFMcMhn: Good job everyone. We'll pick up a few hours after this, next week. Any questions/comments before we let out?
(11:02:59 PM) LtCdr_TrevorCloud: :: pause::
(11:03:19 PM) Ensign_Blue: no sir
(11:03:20 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: ;;rh;;
(11:03:28 PM) USFMcMhn: McLain?
(11:03:43 PM) Ens_Valeria_McLain: Nollaig Chridheil Mairry Chraistmis
(11:05:25 PM) USFMcMhn: ::nodding:: Merry Christmas everyone. ::looks to Travis:: Let 'em loose.
(11:06:04 PM) Dr_Smee: Yes, Merry Christmas, Everyone.
(11:06:29 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: ::Nods in return to the captain::
(11:06:40 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: Merry Christmas, to you all.
(11:06:43 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: Dismissed.
(11:06:47 PM) LtCdr_TravisCloud: !sim off
(11:06:47 PM) M-5: =/\= USS Independence - 201712.21 2306:47
(11:06:47 PM) M-5: =/\= Log Closed