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SIM Report 201712.14
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Sim Report for 201712.14

There will be no sim on 201711.23. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, and we'll see you in two weeks.

In attednace:
Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Lt. (Dr.) Smee, Lt.j.g.  Siboyze 183, Ensigns (Dr.) McLain and Zebones

L.O.A.: Commander Wyke

NPCs: Ensign Orala (OPS), Ensign Tong (HELM)

The command officers discuss the terms or payment requested by the Delfy Repair Station to repair the Independence.  The bigguest hurtle is the download of the ship's database.  Emery offers a suggestion to "hide" certain delicate information in his cove. Lt. Commander Trevor Cloud objects to this suggestion, not wanting to be deceitful. He puts it to the captain as "All or nothing at all," and McMahon agrees.  It is decided to agree to Delfy's terms and the station then submits its "schedule" for repairs and tractors the ship inside.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
2nd Officer/Hemsman

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