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SIM Report 201712.07
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Sim Report for 201712.07

There will be no sim on 201711.23. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, and we'll see you in two weeks.

In attednace:
Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Lt. (Dr.) Smee, Lt.j.g.  Siboyze 183, Ensigns Blue, (Dr.) McLain and Zebones

L.O.A.: Commander Wyke

NPCs: Ensign Orala (OPS), Ensign Tong (HELM)

The mysterious object approaches the Indy. As the crew tries to ponder what it really is, the object rotates vertically and shifts its shape to now resemble a space station. It also develops a oxygen atmosphere and artificial gravity. Lt. Commander Cloud leads an away team over to the "station" and are led by means of indicator lights to a control room. Cloud requests an audible interaction and a melodic voice identifies the Object as "Delfy," a repair and service station. It offers the facility's use for compensation of a complete database download, and 100 litres of deuterium or 100 bio-units which the away team finds out means 100 members of the crew.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
2nd Officer/Hemsman

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