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SIM Report 201711.16
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Sim Report for 201711.16

There will be no sim on 201711.23. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, and we'll see you in two weeks.

In attednace:
Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Lt. (Dr.) Smee, Lt.j.g.  Siboyze 183, Ensigns (Dr.) McLain and Zebones

L.O.A.: Commander Wyke

NPCs: Ensign Orala (OPS), Lt. Rae Laurie (SCI)

It is evening hours aboard the planetside Independence. Hard working repair crews are finally taking a break.  Dr. Smee finishes another counseling session and Dr. McLai cleans up in sick bay.

Meanwhile, Captain McMahon and Emery travel in the runabout to retrieve the sensor probe and find out it hails from the U.S.S. Falcon. The three Vega shuttles get caught by the large mysterious ship and it deposits them in normal space just as it did the Indy. Emery spots the three small ships on sensors and the captain hails them. They all make their way back to the ship.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
2nd Officer/Hemsman

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