USS Independence Mission Brief
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SIM Report 201711.02
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Sim Report for 201711.02


In attednace:
Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Lt. (Dr.) Smee, Lt.j.g.  Siboyze 183, Ensigns (Dr.) McLain and Zebones

L.O.A.: Commander Wyke

NPCs: Ensign Orala (OPS)

The mysterious ship that towed the Indy back into normal space, immediately releases the tractor Captain McMahon holds a briefing in engineering to asses the status of the ship and its viability to return home.  The prognosis that comes back from Lt. Commander Trevor Cloud is not a good one.  The ship suffered significant damage on its travel through the slip-stream corridor, including a ripple in the ship's hull.  Many systems are offline, and some completely missing after the raid by the thieving aliens.  Cloud estimates, without help, it could take up to fifteen years to make it back to the Delta Quadrant alone.

Meanwhile, the three Vega shuttle pilots, Lt. Commander Travis Cloud, Lt. Rae Laurie and Ensign Leigh Zebones are aboard the U.S.S. Falcon trying to determine just what happened to their ship.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
2nd Officer/Hemsman

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