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  Lieutenant Commander Trevor Cloud & Lt. Commander Travis Cloud, SD
Duty Log 201709.27
Login Second officer's report
Stardate 201709.28

I have cleared out anything of a personal natuer from the XO's office.  I left a detailed report to Commander Wyke as to current crew roster rotations and other crew details that I had handled in my time as acting-XO, though I am certain she will find everything inadequate and will make sweeping changes to her liking (if there is such a thing). I apologoze, that was not exactly appropriate for a duty log.  It is jut that I have found the commander not approving of many of the procedures we observed since her arrival.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have had her lie face-down on the deck in front of the Erie while security searched her and the runabout to make certain she wasn't a changeling.  Again, probably a comment better suited for a personal log. At any rate, I have officially moved aside so she can perform her duties.

End Log

Chief Engineer's log, Stardate 201709.28
Lt. Commander Trevor Cloud reporting.

The ship is finally back up to full operating capacity. After the atmospheric flight she had taken, we had to replace over fifty-eight percent of the relays throughout the ship.  Commandations again go out to my entire department for their tireless efforts in getting the ship back in order. I've put in the request for replacement of the Samuel Adams.  I am certain Command will not be happy about her loss considering how new the runabout was to begin with.

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