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  Lt. Commander Travis Cloud, SD
SIM Report 201709.14
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Sim Report for 201709.14


In attednace:
Captain McMahon, Lt. Commander(s) Travis & Trevor Cloud, Lt. (Dr.) Smee, Lt.j.g.  Siboyze 183, Ensigns Blue, Dr. McLain and Zebones & Emery

The magnetic storm lessens on the planet and the "colonists" resume their attack on the runabout.  Only now, they have gotten smarter and start attacking from different fronts.  Captain McMahon orders the Indy into the atmosphere to overcome the interference precenting a beamout of the away team.  The ship makes its way as close as it can to the away team and they are beamed out just in time.

Respectfully submitted,
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
Acting XO