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  Dr. Valeria McLain, SD
Kid's Play?- DL- Ens Leigh Zebones
In the briefing, we were all tasked with ways to figure out the easiest way to deal with the Enclavians and get our people back on the Outpost. One of the doctors suggested using salt on them as a last resort which would act as a desiccant if they followed the pattern of the Terran slugs, which they resembled. That gave me the idea that if we could produce a salt barrier against them, it might be as effective so I suggested using salt water like an old flame thrower on them. Apparently, the captain  liked the idea and told me to get busy working  on a delivery method for  it. I told him that the way had already been created hundreds of years ago, a kid's toy called a 'super soaker,' that was essentially a high powered (for its type) water pistol with a large reservoir. He said to get on  it , so here I am, working on adding distance to a child's toy and finding a way to compact and pressurize enough salt water into a backpack tank to act as an effective deterrent till we got our people free. If we can drop salt blocks around our people to act as 'speed bumps' for the Enclavians trying to get to them, well we have just that much more 'ammo' against those slugs. Now, to get the Science department to come up with a hypertonic saline solution that can fit in a 19L tank and can be pressurized to hold even more... If we can get all that done, we'll have a fighting chance against the slugs.
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