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JL RoundTable Discussion SD 201902.18

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by Captain Floyd Calvin
[Stardate ]

Captain Calvin decided to call a joint meeting of all available staff to discuss the recent events. He sent out a notice to all available personnel to join him in the Ready Room. Afterwards, the Captain went into the Ready Room and stood at the podium, watching the crew members enter.

LtJg Siryn headed up to the RR to discuss everything going on with the ones in Sickbay, especially the Admiral.

Lt Ozimov entered the Ready Room, and proceeded to sit near the middle of the table.

Ens Inomata walked in the Ready Room, looked around, and decided to stand near the door to escort anyone to their chairs.

Ens MacArdry assigned one of the other physicians and Thelim checking on the rogues and the admiral while she's in the meeting.
Ens T^Neer headed over from Sciences with a stack of PADDs in her arms with all the data she had collected on the wormhole and the interaction between it, the Harmon and the Odyssey. After she entered the Ready Room, she handed out the PADDs to the others in the room.

Ens Inomata followed Ens T^Neer to the table, and took one of the PADDs from T^Neer and sat at the table, near the door.

Lt Ozimov stood up as T^Neer passed nearby and took a PADD, nodding to her as she continued around the table. Ens T^Neer smiled to Ozzy as she passed out the PADDs. She then walked up to the podium and offered a PADD to Captain Calvin. He nodded and smiled at T^Neer as he took a PADD. He looked over the notes very thoroughly, then made a few notes of his own.

After everyone had a PADD in hand, the Captain cleared his throat. "I will give everyone a few minutes to review the notes, then I will give a synopsis of the notes."

Ens T^Neer, upon seeing the Captain taking notes, asked "Is there something I missed sir?" The Captain smiled and replied, "No, you did not miss anything. I'm just making a few notes to remind me what order I want to present them in."

Lt Ozimov read the notes, then layed the PADD on the table to signify that he had completed reading. Ens Inomata looked over the notes, then looked at the Captain. LtJg Siryn pulled a PADD of his own and shared it with Kaylia as it compared their patients' physical conditions with the conditions with the wormhole.

After a few minutes, Captain Calvin started speaking. "OK, everyone, here is a quick review of Ens T^Neer's notes. First, Admiral Chegwidden and the Rogue officers, which, interestingly, all go by the same name, Captain Blaine, have been acting in an unusual manner. Their actions seem to be in sync, and appear to be connected to the activity of the wormhole."

He paused and looked around, then continued. "Second, their activities do not coincide with the wormhole activities, but occur either briefly before, or briefly after, the wormhole activity."

"Third, the wormhole activity seems to be directed to the USS Harmon." The Captain laid down his PADD.

LtJg Siryn looked over at the notes from his cousin as he compared time stamp intervals with those in his own notes on the Admiral and Kaylia's on the rogues' behavior. "Aye sir they most certainly have been and we're correlating the timestamps between T'Neer's reports and our own observations and yes sir they are in sync, almost exactly 3.445 seconds early to when the wormhole spits out it's latest plume."

Captain Calvin nodded and replied, "So, there is a direct correlation. Thank you for verifying that, Lt Siryn," to which he replied, "You're welcome sir." The Captain then looked over the assembled crew, and continued. "Now, I would like some theories as to what would be causing these actions of the Admiral and the Captains, and the activity of the wormhole." He paused and looked around the room.

Lt Ozimov responded, "Sir, I have one observation."

Captain Calvin: "Go ahead, Lt."

"It might be possible that the wormhole activity is directed to the Harmon because it was inside the wormhole." The Captain nodded to Ozimov, then looked at the others. Ens Inomata looked around the table as well.

LtJg Siryn spoke up with, "The Admiral's EEG is seemingly becoming closer aligned with the periodicity of the wormhole and I'm speculating that the rogues' brains are as well."

Ens MacArdry nodded toward Siryn and said, "Hay's raight, thair AyAyGees air grawin clawsir jist lak tha aidmiri's."

Captain Calvin nodded to Siryn and MacArdry in turn, replying "Thank you, Healer Siryn. And, Ens MacArdry, that is good to know, too." Ens MacArdry responded, "Jist trayin tae haelp sair."

Ens Inomata looked up from his PADD and said, "Captain, I have a question." "Yes, Ens," was the response. Ens Inomata continued, "Could there be an entity on board the Harmon? Something that we have not detected?"

Captain Calvin looked over to Ens T^Neer, and she turned to Ens Inomata and replied, "It's always possible, sir, but I was trying to detect if there was such a possible entity when he called me over there to see what we were thinking about you. I felt nothing, but then I'm not as sensitive as Cousin Siryn,"

Calvin paused for a moment, looked at his PADD, the looked over the group. "OK, let's see if we can adjust the sensors, deflector arrays, whatever it takes to scan the Harmon and see if there is something we have missed. I want all parties here to work on a solution."

Lt Karr made a motion toward the PADD he was holding, and asked, "Is there anything distinguishing about the multiple Blaines? Anything that tells them apart?" Captain Calvin looked at Siryn and MacArdry and asked "Have either of you you detected anything that would distinguish them?" Ens MacArdry looked in his direction and replied, "Aye sair thay aill hae daiffiriont shaiped bairthmairks an thair raight chaik. Ane haes wha luiks tae be a draigin, inithir lak a layin's faice, tha thaird lak a hawk aind tha fairth lak, if aill thaings a baittirfly."

After a short pause, Ens Inomata cleared his throat and said, "Captain?" The Captain looked at Inomata. "Yes, Ens?" "Sir, I'm not sure what I can do to add to the mix."

Captain Calvin looked at MacArdry. "Interesting. Butterfly, hawk, dragon and lion? Oh, my." He then looked back at Inomata. "Just hang around the Engineering group. They may put you to work on something." "Aye, sir," was his reply. Lt Karr looked over at Ens Inomata, nodded, and said "we can always find work for willing hands." Ens Inomata looked at Karr and grined. "I'm sure you can."

The Captain stepped away from the podium and walked to the head of the table. "OK, let's get this checked out." Just then Ens MacArdry said, "Aits lak thay're aill clawns aind tha's tha way tae taill aichithir apairt." Calvin looked at MacArdry. "Clowns? You say they... oh, clones. Interesting." "Twaeld aixplain a LAWT... Thay say tha twains hae ain aistaibilished laink fra bairth an thair's bain spaikewlaishun that clawns ailsae hae ait amang thaimsailves. Jist tawssin ait aut aintae tha ippin." The Captain rubbed his chin and replied, "Interesting theory, and quite possible, Ens. OK, let's get these teams going. Dismissed."

Ens MacArdry stood and said, "Aye sair.", then headed back for Sickbay to try to "eavesdrop" on the clones if she could.

Lt Ozimov stood up and looked at Karr. "Do you want to work from the bridge, or engineering?" Ens Inomata looked at Ozimov and Karr to see what they were going to decide. Lt Karr, standing to leave, replied "I'll stay on the bridge for better able to work with T^Neer so we can correlate data between us..." Turning to T^neer, "... if that's alright with you?" He then turned to Ens Inomata and said, "Inomata, if you can run their transport records, you can compare the clones and the Admiral...they've all be though our system now." "Aye, sir."


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