USF Personal Log
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Personal Log - 201804.14

USS Odyssey Lounge

by Ensign Alrand Karr
[Stardate ]

Acting Chief Engineer’s Log

During our travel time to the Founder’s homeworld, I’ve had a little bit of time to take stock of the job Chief Jecht has left while he is incapacitated. The engineering duty roster has been shuffled to account for the shift in personnel, and a couple of repair crews have been assigned to sweep for undiscovered electromagnetic damage. While Chief Jecht’s condition seems to be localized, I think its prudent to make sure...don’t want to be stranded here in Dominion space.

I’ve found the missing took a god shock and is fried. Engineer Benson still had her report on the defensive systems that was the most recent on it, and I’ve sent that on the Security Chief Rosa for her review. Everything looks in order, and I’m thinking she’s probably already signed off on it once before the PADD holding said signature got there should be a quick turnaround on that.

I’ve also asked Jackson to look into improving a couple of PADD to handle increased EM interference and electrical discharge. It would prove useful in general, but in particular, I’d like Jecht to know we’re thinking of him.

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