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Reflecting In Transit (Vulcannis Two Vol. 3)

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by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

Reflecting In Transit

By Commander Suavek

            The USS Hughes was an Oberth-Class starship. It had been quite some time since he had been on an Oberth-Class ship. He remembered back to when he was a freshman at the academy. One of his class modules were learning engineering basics in practice on an Oberth-Class starship, the USS Sage. The design of the interior was slightly different as many ships of the same class had slightly different variations of where things were by design and the paint sometimes varied to diversify each individual ship from each other. He was wearing casual Vulcan garments so he was not in uniform when he boarded. 
            He went to his assigned temporary quarters aboard and immediately attempted to meditate. However, he could not assert the clarity required to successfully perform the action. If there was a Vulcan equivalent of being restless, he was experiencing it. Looking to the chronometer on the wall, he saw that it was 0913 hours. He looked to the window, then stood up and extinguished his incense and candles he had set up in the process, then proceeded out of his quarters. 
            The mess hall was on deck five. It had a vast view of space as it was right in the front of the primary hull and the view was beautiful as the stars streamed past on both sides like horizontal needles. The mess hall was not heavily occupied though which made it easy for him to wish to proceed inside. He found a vacated space by the corner where there was a nice side view of the stars moving while the ship was at warp. He decided to stand there next to where a table was that was not occupied either and just stand there silently as he watched the stars stream by. He took that time to think about what just transpired on the USS Federation in the past couple of days. Thinking about his inner pain in the wake of what had just happened was something he wished to shake, but for some reason, it was more difficult than ever, attempting to get this affliction away from his mind.
            "Hey Mister?" came a young voice from his rear right.
            Suavek turned to look and saw a young boy sitting in the table next to him. He was human, approximately between eight and ten Earth years of age. He had a curious expression that was clear aside from his deep blue eyes and almost peach-hued skin. Looking at the boy curiously, he raised an eyebrow, "Can I help you, young boy?"
            The boy folded his hands and placed them on the table top, then gently kicked his feet in a consistent pattern, but not one that was loud or overtly noticeable. He looked in his own way just as curious as Suavek did at that point, "What are you doing?"
            "I am.... looking out the window." Suavek responded.
            "Because it is what I choose."
            "Why did you choose it?" the boy asked insistingly. 
            Before Suavek answered again, he turned the rest of his body to address the young boy, "Young boy, why are you here inquiring about my business? Are your parents aboard?"
            "Well, I suggest you join them," he almost jeered, "They must be worried about you."
            "You're a Vulcan, aren't you."
            "Why is that important?" 
            The young boy started rocking his head from left to right in a playful kind of manner. He smiled, "Because I wanna know."
            "Then I must apologize. Your sense of logic is extremely flawed, therefore you make absolutely no sense. Now please," he turned back around to look out the window, "Leave my company and speak with someone else who can better facilitate your social needs at this point."
            The boy looked clueless again, "Huh?"
            Suavek turned to look at him again, then walked up to him up to the other end of the table, "If you must know my business, I am here because I am going home to my planet which is Vulcan."
            "I haven't been to my planet in a long time...." said the boy almost sadly.
            "Why not?"
            "Because my parents go from ship to ship all the time. I don't have any way of growing up somewhere until when I'm grown up. It's been that way since I was born."
            Suavek took in a breath, then exhaled, "I am no counselor, but from what I gathered of your testimony, I would presume you have issues you need to resolve," he looked at the boy and saw his gaze drift off into nothing. There was almost a sadness to his expression. When he realized the boy had become quiet, he took a moment to examine his face, then he sat down across from him, "Do you wish to talk about your feelings, young boy?"
            "Oliver." said the boy.
            "Oliver," Suavek repeated, "Oliver, you seem sad. Is there something I can do to help relieve your sadness?"
            "No.... Unless you can turn off feelings. Vulcans can do that, right? I mean, it's what they're known for."
            When he heard the boy say that, he sat up straight but slowly, raising his eyebrows casually. He did not know what to say to that. He knew if there was one thing Vulcans were known for, it was to convey the illusion of being able to turn off their feelings full-time, but if the boy knew what he was doing recently, he would see that Suavek had no ability to do that. He was about to say something, then he looked up and saw a woman who seemed like she was his mother walk up to them as if she were a blade coming through a sea of solid matter. 
            "Ollie, how many times have I told you not to bother random strangers," she said, then she took him by the arm and yanked him away from the table, causing Suavek to stand up out of resepct. She looked at Suavek, "I'm sorry about this." then she proceeded with the boy, walking away from the table.
            Suavek watched the boy and his mother walk away, then he turned back around and looked to the stars again. He put his hands behind his back, then exhaled, thinking if it were only as easy as Oliver put it....
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