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Apprentice To Mentor (Vulcannis Two Vol. 2)

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by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

Apprentice To Mentor

By Commander Suavek

The next day....

        Personal Log, Lieutenant Junior Grade Suavek,

              I have submitted my resignation to Starfleet and Rear Admiral St. Duiex had quickly approved it. She kindly arranged transport with the USS Hughes, a transport ship that will be passing by our position shortly. I will admit, though my experiences and time on the USS Federation does not permit me to enact attachment to most individuals, I do think of my shipmates back on the USS Eclipse and my first commanding officer, Commodore Shodan, whom I still will always regard fondly. As I also reflect on my decision, I bear no discourse as I know that this is the logical course of action to take. Though I know I will not think of this ship much upon my departure, I will think of someone occasionally. I trust that person will know he made himself significant to me at least in the most minuscule way. End Log.

             Suavek was completing the last minute checks on all his packing when he suddenly heard the chime to his door sound. He looked up and stopped for a moment, "Enter," he turned around and saw that it was young Ensign Serik, the Vulcan new graduate science officer who had been on the ship for the past year and immediately taken into his teachings of logic, somewhat like an apprentice to a mentor. He raised his eyebrows casually, "Serik, may I help you?"
             The younger Vulcan walked in and stood before his mentor, "I trust I am not interrupting anything important?"
             He shook his head, "No. I was just performing last minute checks on the status of my packing for my departure. Is there a notable reason why you came to see me?"
             Serik looked perplexed. He put his hands behind his back, "Lieutenant, I am puzzled. As a Vulcan, I know it is our duty to uphold the principles established by our people centuries ago after the great passion wars. In the event of the discovery of the true Kir'Shara Philosophy two-hundred years ago, the texts of Surak were interpreted by scholars in order to dictate exactly how our people should think... Act.... Compose themselves in any situation. "
             Suavek didn't say anything at first. Then he took a few last objects and placed them into his duffel bag, "What is your inquiry, Ensign?"
             "I heard about what happened in main engineering yesterday...." Serik began.
             He didn't want to fully admit anything at this point. If there was anything he felt, it was embarrassment. He already knew that somewhere along the line in this conversation, he would have to talk about what happened or at the least, admit what he was feeling and why to his pupil. He was hoping in the interim somewhere that this was not what he would have to do, but logic dictated immediately to him that it would. Internally he braced himself for the topic. He sighed, then looked to Serik, "What about it?"
             "I heard that it was why you have decided to depart from the ship permanently."
             "No," Suavek told him, "There is much more to this than one emotional outburst from me to designate my exact reasons for my decision. If you understood not only my way of thinking, but our entire race's, then you would know that there is a set type of logic, however unorthodox it may seem to you, behind why."
             Serik nodded, "Yes, I do."
             "Good, then I assume that will mean you are also aware that it is not your business to be made aware of my reason for leaving."
             "Yes, I am aware of that," Serik said, "But whatever the reason is, can't you find a way through studies you can do here? Perhaps, deeper, more extensive sessions of meditation or different approaches to your method of meditation to purge any residual emotions from whatever it may have been to initiate the outbursts and in effect prevent further ones in the future?"
             "It is more complex than that, Serik." Suavek told him.
             "Is there... Something I can do to help? Perhaps aid you somehow in this quest for psychological clarity?"
             Suavek raised an eyebrow, then narrowed his eyes at his student, looking at him with a tilted head and folded hands behind his back, "Why do you seem so concerned about my departure? I must say your behavior at this moment is highly indicative of a non-Vulcan exhibition known as attachment. Must I remind you of one of the teachings I had attempted to pass on to you regarding that? That attachment is a concept that can often cost someone much in the long term. Loss in any aspect in relation to attachment can cause someone to stray into illogic, especially when they are someone who desperately attempts to attain and maintain a consistent and strong sense of it." 
             "I would not dare to exemplify a concept against your teachings," Serik insisted, "However, you staying would help me and others alike to learn more about what can help one achieve a stronger sense of logic."
             The elder Vulcan turned around to look at the window which was behind him until he turned, "Your reasoning is not logical. I have done my best to educate you in the ways of logic for almost a year now. Perhaps I did not teach you well. It may be the reason why you are acting more like a Non-Vulcan than a Vulcan at this time. In addition, your approach exemplifies the act of something else: selfishness," he turned around, then stepped forward toward him again, "Putting your own interests in front of my own personal welfare shows a selfish nature. That is a quality not only a Vulcan should not have, but a Starfleet Officer."
             Serik sighed, "I ask forgiveness. It is just... I know I have much to learn about the ways of logic. I suppose... knowing you will leave permanently has made me feel discomfort based with the inevitability of your ultimate decision. I do respect your decision. I know I should not rely on you so much. I am sorry if you think I have failed you with this example of non-Vulcan behavior."
             Suavek paused for a moment, then exhaled, and placed his hand on Serik's shoulder, "You did not fail me, Serik. You are a good man and are also extremely wise. It has been an honor to mentor you during the time we served together. I choose still not to divulge why I made my decision. However, I can tell you that it was due to an occurrence that caused me to re-examine my own sense of logic. I cannot explain it to you ,but I can tell you this. I cannot continue to teach you about logic, when I cannot even maintain my own. This is why I am retreating back to Vulcan for the time being," he looked at the younger Vulcan and saw him nod, then he took his hand off of his shoulder, "Remember, be aware of your prevalent wisdom, Serik. Especially at your young age. Continue on the path of learning which we started together and one day you will prove to be quite the example of logical execution. I may even become the student and you the teacher."
             The Ensign nodded, "Most kind."
             There was a beep from Suavek's commbadge, "Lieutenant Suavek, we're arriving at the coordinates to meet with the Hughes. They're already waiting for you." came a light female voice.
             Suavek tapped his commbadge, "Thank you chief, I am on my way," then he looked to Seirk held his hand up and gave the Vulcan gesture, "Live long and prosper, Serik."
             The younger Vulcan nodded, then returned the same gesture, "Peace and long life, Lieutenant. May you find the peace that you now seek back home."
             Suavek nodded to him, then exited his now former quarters.
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