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The duty logs and Mission Briefings of the crew of the USS Odyssey
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  Captain Floyd Calvin, SD
Captain's Log Stardate 201810.20.1
Captain's Log Stardate 72802.43

The Odyssey had been trying to communicate with the small alien ship,
trying to negotiate a cease fire, when it was struck by another force on
the aft portion of the ship, slowly putting excruciating pressure on the
hull. With the pressure continuing to build, the hull started creaking,
and decks 6 and 7 began to buckle, eventually causing the collapse of
cargo bay 3 on Deck 6 and Shuttle Maintenance on Deck 7.

After ordering the Helm to bring the ship about 180º, we were presented
with a massive black, starless field, which continued to grow, slowly
filling the screen to 165º view. Eventually an, outline of a starship
appeared on the main screen screen, continuing to approach the Odyssey
excruciatingly slow, seemingly unaware of it's impending collision.

It appeared that only apparent way to halt the progress of the
monstrosity of a ship was to disable it's engines, which fortunately
stopped its progress, but not until the crew's quarters on Deck 8
collapsed, resulting in a 17% loss of life. Attempts to contact the
occupants were greeted with a sub-audible sound, which vibrated
throughout the entire ship.

Much to my liking, the crew presented various hypotheses of the ships
approach. Lt Jordon's theory that the ship might have been abandoned, or
possibly on auto pilot, was one theory. Lt Vetaan postulated that it was
a sleeper ship, possibly 500 years old. However, further investigation
indicated that the ship was closer to be between 225 and 250 years old.

We fired our weapons at the ship, causing it to a halt and, after a
second volley, it slowly retreated a short distance. What followed next
was a near sub-audible rumble coming across the comm system. Our
attempts to determine if the ship was trying to communicate with us was
unfruitful. The Odyssey was suddenly engulfed in an intense light, but
only for an instant.

Following this assault, I decided to present a more defensive front, and
ordered two volleys of torpedoes, both including phaser fire, to be
directed at the ship. The ship appeared to absorb the onslaught with no
consequences. After some manipulation of the incoming message, however,
revealed that the weapons did cause problems for the large ship, as the
message translated to "Why have you disabled our engines?" Our response
was apparently not received, as another message was received, that being
"Why have you disabled our engines? Respond, or prepare to be fired upon."

Requesting Comms to resend our message, this time using a reverse
compression algorithm, appeared to work. However, the small ship from
our previous encounter fired at us again. It appeared that we were
between the proverbial rock and a hard place, so I took it upon myself
to thwart both attacks from both ships by firing at both ships, first at
the large ship, then at the small ship at our aft.

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