USS Odyssey Mission Brief
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Odyssey Sim Brief for 07/08
Odyssey Sim brief for 07/08 

If unable to attend the sim, please email the captain/CO before hand.

USS Odyssey B
Ship's Plaque:
"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for."
Grace Hooper

Previously: The Odyssey has rendezvoused with the ship under the command of First Ambassdor Kaadtz. The Away Team currently in place on Tanaam is under threat and surrounded. 

Tonight: A meeting will take place between Captain McMahon and Ambassador Kaadtz. The Away Team must deal with the situation at hand in order to come back safely

Ship Status: Fully Operational. Currently at Green Alert

Commanding Officer: Captain McMahon 
Executive Officer:N/A
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