USS Odyssey Mission Brief
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Odyssey Mission Brief For 7/15
"Homeward Bound."
USS Odyssey B
Ship's Plaque:
"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for."
Grace Hooper
Previously: An agreement was reached between the Klingon and Gorn governments to create a neutral zone along the border of their 2 systems.
The zone will be monitored by the Federation. 4 outposts will be constructed inside the zone to monitor and ships entering from either side. Sensors will be placed along both sides of the zone.
Command has sent teams from the Corp of Engineers to construct the bases, 2 on asteroids and 2 stations, which will be staffed by Starfleet personnel.
Each side will be allowed to send trading vessels to these outposts.
Tonight: It's been 15 weeks since the engineers arrived. The last station will be completed shortly, and a Federation ship is bringing the station's personnel.
2 starships, the USS Polaris and Victoria, have been assigned to the sector.
Ship Status: Ship is at Yellow alert, all hands are at their stations.
The ship will be getting underway soon.
Commanding Officer: Captain Jake Markson
Acting Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Suavek
Note: If you are unable to make the sim, please contact the captain or commanding office at least 1 hour prior to the sim.
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