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Leavenworth, Salina Renee

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Starfleet Department of Records
Docket Number: 3682-10384-LSR


Leavenworth, Salina Renee
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Commander of the Air Guard, Second Officer
Department: Flight Operations
Commanding Officer: Captain Jake Markson
Executive Officer: Commander Suavek
Physical Description
Race: Human
Age: 35 years   
Height: 5’6”    
Weight: 143 lbs    
Hair Color: Platinum blonde
Eye Color: Brown    
Skin Color: Ivory    
Distinguishing Features: none
Personal Background
Mother: Marissa Ann (Rogers) Leavenworth, 61 years
Father: Cecil Evan Leavenworth, 65 years
Siblings: Layla Marie Leavenworth, 33 years
Salina was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Her father worked for the United Federation of Planets and her mother was a school teacher.  Her sister Layla is two years younger than Salina and the two are best friends.  Growing up, Salina found herself more fascinated with machines than dolls and she spent her time taking apart devices and putting them back together.  In her secondary school years, she would even make improvements before reassembling the devices, sometimes with success.  Her father recommended she join Starfleet.
Starfleet Background
Salina entered Starfleet at eighteen and was accepted into the Engineering program.  During a mechanics course, she became obsessed with the Gryphon fighter and started taking courses to become a pilot.  She was accepted into the elite Nova Squadron and excelled in the small sublight vessel.  She changed her major to flight operations in her fourth year.

Upon graduating from the Academy, Salina was assigned to the USS Sacramento as an engineer.  Her secondary role was to maintain the small fighter fleet.  She maintained her flight skills on random patrols of the neutral zone.  The Sacramento was recalled to Earth for decommissioning and the crew reassigned.  Having achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Salina was offered the position of Commander of the Air Guard on board the USS Odyssey and she accepted.

Promotions, Awards and Commendations
Aug 13, 2382 - Entered Starfleet Academy, Engineering
May 1, 2384 - Accepted into Nova Squadron
May 23, 2386 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, promoted to Ensign
June 4, 2386 - Assigned to the USS Sacramento
Sept 18, 2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade
Apr 22, 2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant
Dec 12, 2391 - Promoted to First Lieutenant
Jan 30, 2393 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Aug 26, 2394 - Assigned to the USS Odyssey, Commander of the Air Guard
Medical and Psychological Profile
Salina has experienced no radical medical or psychological events.  She is fit for duty. 

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