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The Search For Answers Part I :: Lobren's Advice::

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by First Lieutenant Peter McMillian
[Stardate ]


       These events Take place just as last sim ends

                  Peter and Angelita left what might have been her home and proceeded to head back to the Central Hall. Pete couldn't help finding himself thinking. Why did the girl in the photo not have a bar code on her? Why can't Angelita remember what happened to her? What or who caused her to hide in a compartment all by herself?Why hasn't anyone come to claim her? Then, Why do I ever care? I know I don't really want to find her Parents, this to meet feels just like how I found Malino.  Any Parent who tells their child Hide and tell anyone who you are or you will be killed who tells a child that doesn't even deserved to be called a Parent. However am I really one to talk? I let some a-holes take Rose so I guess that doesn't Make me any better. Angelita really seems to miss them though so I guess for her sake, should do what both Lobren and Holden have apparently told me to do.

 Angelita saw that Peter was a million miles away and asked, “Do you no want me no more?”

Peter then snapped back to reality, seeing the still crying child look at her like she seems as almost a complete innocent. "No , No No, Sweetheart. Never even think that. Okay? I was just lost In thought about stuff. I'm so so sorry. I want you more than life itself. Okay, I’m angry that you were left alone for so long by yourself scared that people wanna hurt you and all I wanna do is protect you. Okay, Sweetie, do you understand?"

Angelita smiled. "Me think so. That why other told me word wanted to protect to.”

As they approached the camp, Peter stopped Angelita. “Hold on a sec, Angelita, I need you to listen to me very carefully. I know I promised I wouldn't leave you today again but I need you to help girl again and stay by her. I need to go talk to a friend then I need to try to ask around and find your parents, ok? I promise the second I find out anything or if I find them I will let you know.”

Angelita sighed. “Okay.”

Peter hugged her "I'm so so sorry"

They both arrive at Central Hall. ~ Helen I couldn't do It. I barley made it to city outskirts before I realized I had to come back. This kind of of rash impulsive behavior is the kind of thing that always lands me in hot water so I stopped and thought about it but Then Angelita found her house.~ Then Peter telepathically relayed everything everything he and Angelita had just been through. ~It's so confusing it seems like every time I get one answer five more questions pop up. I'm going to check in with Lobren see what his advice on this is. Then I'm going to try to search the crowds for her parents. Please watch her, I still can't shake the feeling someone wants to harm her even if it is just a feeling. Be vigilant, okay. ~

~You got  it, Pete. You were not the only one to feel the malice toward her, and I'll do my damnedest to let nothing happen to her.~

Peter then tapped his combadge. “Lobren, you still by Buffen's office? I found some new information I'm not sure what to do with and I need advice.”

Commander Lobren stood across the main room of Central Hall, across from McMillian. He tapped his own combadge. “Look around, Mick. I’m still in Central Hall.”

Peter walked back over to his commander in the south hall. He took a minute, then spoke.

“ Sir, I was about to do something really stupid. I Grabbed Angelita and was about to take her, I don't know where, but just as I was about to exit the city, I stopped and realized that's the  kind of  thing that gets me in trouble.

“Anyway, as I stopped, Angelita led me to a house, she recognized. It was trashed, no way to tell if it was from whatever happened here or deliberately. Personally, I suspect foul play but that's me..

“I found this.” He showed the photo of the girl’s parents. “Only thing is, Sir, I don't believe they are her parents. I believe I can use this to ask the colonists if they have seen them around however, that's not what I need to talk about.”

Peter then took out the photo album and began showing Lobren the photos.  “Sir all the photos of this girl and no sign of the bar code like the one on Angelita's arm. Sir, I know this Might sound nuts but even though they look alike I don't think Angelita and this girl in the photos are the same person. I tried to ask her about the bar code all she would say is ‘secret.’ And, when I asked her about the girl in the photo, she clammed up.

“ Anyway, Sir, that's all I have for now, but no idea what to do with it. She’s a child. If she doesn't wanna or cant tell me something, I’m not exactly gonna force her to.  So, Sir, what do you think I should do.”

Lobren’s head was spinning by the time Peter had finished his report. He wanted to send the lieutenant back to the ship when Peter had confessed he almost ran off with  this girl, “Angelita.” The Brikar held his tongue and looked through the photo album. Finally, he looked at McMillian.

“There’s a easy explanation fer th’ bar-code, Mick,” Lobren stated. “It coulda been tattooed on th’ girl’s arm after her an’ her parents were abducted, if that’s what happened.  If she recognized th’ house, an’ especially if she recognized th’ people in these photos, she’s prolly th’ girl. Lemme see th’ girl.”

Peter nodded and the two officers walked back over to where Lieutenant j.g. Waite was watching over her. Lobren could see the girl was afraid of him. “Talk to ‘er, Mick. Tell ‘er I ain’t gonna hurt ‘er.”

Helen was still dishing out sandwiches and soup for the ones that wanted them as well as keeping a watchful and protective eye over Angelita. "Greetings, Commander Lobren." She handed him a large bowl of the soup   plate of sandwiches. "Pull up a seat and take a load off..." she gestured over to a crate that would an excellent seat for the big guy

Peter looked at Angelita and gently said, “Sweetie, this is my boss and when I'm not being pig headed, he’s my friend. You remember that big fluffy wolf from earlier, he belongs to this guy. Even though he was big and scary he didn't hurt you, right. This guy’s the same. He won’t hurt you, but I think he wants to ask you a couple questions.”

Angelita, still a little frightened, replied, “If I  pet wolf again, he make tears go.”

"Lob, you might wanna ask Mav to give her once over, just in case,  and besides, she already likes him. It might help whatever your planning. I really don't think she's hiding anything intentionally, but Helen can't read her mind. We can talk to her telepathically but cant read it. Maybe he’d have better luck, just a thought, Sir."

Lobren looked at the girl.  He compared her with the one in the photos. He watched for Angelita’s reaction to him. Surprisingly, she became curious because the “big man” hadn’t said anything to her. Lobren turned the photo of the possible parents to her.  He saw the girl’s expression soften and turn to one of genuine sorrow, she quickly looked down.

Lobren turned his body toward McMillian.  “In my opinion, either she is the girl in the photo, or a damn fine imitation. Also, she knows th’ people in this picture.  Maybe whoever put th’ tattoo on her arm messed wit’ her head as well. I think ya should use real caution here, Mick. Maybe even get Taz down here ta help wit’ th’ girl if Waite can’t do anything wit’ her.” He looked from McMillian to Angelita and back again.  “Ya know, even Malinda might be able ta make a connection wit’ her.

“As far as th’ parents go, I definitely think they’re her parents.  If they ain’t in this hall here, go check th’ infirmary.  They might be in there.”

  Helen nodded, "there might be one final place to find them, but I'm hoping they're not there." She didn't want to say more for fear of what it might do to Angelita, but the possibility needed to be broached with the Commander and Pete. She was just praying that she might be wrong and they hadn't crossed the Veil.

To Be Continued………...

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