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  Captain Michael Holden, Lieutenant Sierra Gar, Commander Zarian Lobren, SD
"Administrator Buffens" JDL

“Administrator Buffens”

JDL Commander Lobren, Lieutenant Gar & Admin. Buffens (Holden)


Sierra stood with her hands clasped behind her back, watching Lobren approach with a somewhat shaky looking man. She smiled and gestured to dismiss the commander before looking to the administrator and sticking her hand out. "Lieutenant Sierra Gar, Chief of Operations USS Excelsior. I wish we could've met under better circumstances."

The man looked past Gar and at the scene in the Central Hall. He felt a nidge from the Brikar, Commander Lobren, who had escorted him to the building. He focused on Gar, but his eys kept shifting from her to the colonists now being cared for.

“Greetings,” he said in a voice that he tried to make sound congenial. “I am Administrator Buffens. You…€… you seem to have quite a set up here.”

Sierra nodded softly, withdrawing her hand and clasping them in front of her chest. "We have a good crew here, Mr. Buffens."

Sierra opened her mouth as if to say something, then paused. In this moment she realized how true this was. "A very good crew."

Gar cleared her throat and mentally shook herself, looking at Lobren to ground herself before turning back to Mr. Buffens. "What happened here?"

Buffens looked at the Starfleet officer as if she had grown another head.  “You mean you don't know?  I was hoping, infact that you could tell me what happened. I mean we lost total contact with the Federation. No supply ships showing up, so starships, nothing.”  He glanced back at the Brikar who remained uncomfortably close, and then back to Gar.

Sierra considered for a moment before she recalled bits and pieces of what had been going on. Was this why they were out here, a loss of contact? She drummed her fingers against her calm lightly as she spoke. "All I can tell you is that on our way here we ran into a minefield. Something in the field was blocking all subspace traffic, but we were able to deal with that particular issue. Contact with SFC has been restored since."

Sierra looked over at Lobren as if silently asking what she was missing.

Commander Lobren looked at Buffens. He could see that question on the man's mind, “Minefield?” He gave a slight nod. “It was  Romulan minefield, an' there ws some sorta jammer out there cutting off sub-space comms. It is why we couldn't call ya on th' normal hailin' frequencies. Do ya remember any visits from th' Romulans?”

“Romulans?” Buffens questioned. His eyes darted from Gar to Lobren. “No…€… No Romulans.” He shook his head. “Why would I be dealing with Romulans?”

The lieutenant held up a hand and shook her head, doing her best to keep on her kind face, even though she was internally questioning everything she did, everything she said. "Administrator," she said slowly, calmly, "We're not accusing you of anything of the sort. However, if there's one thing you can count on it's that the Romulans had a plan. They don't mine systems at random. So we need to figure out why they tried to cut off this colony. Was it purely for territorial gains? Starve the population before coming in to take over?" Sierra shook her head. "Or was there something else about this colony that drew there attention?"

She looked between Lobren and the administrator, seeking input to the obvious question. Why here? What makes this place a target?

Lobren was watching Buffens carefully. The man was a bit to twitchy for the Brikar's liking. Just as the administrator had opened his mouth to answer Gar, a commotion arose from over where the colonists were eating.  A woman's voice had rang out over the low din of the other colonists talking.  When Lobren glanced over that way, he saw Lt. Peter McMillian standing  in the middle of it.

“Oh crud,” Lobren said under his breath.

The administrator wanted nothing more than to get out of the Central Hall. This little commotion just might be the queue he needed. He watched momentarily as the large security officer got a call on his combadge, and then was approached by another security officer.  They both had moved off to one side.  Buffens looked back to Gar>

“Lieutenant, I have a ton of work to do, now that your ship is here,” he said, a little too quickly to Gar.  "If there is nothing else?"

Sierra frowned ever so slightly. This did not feel right at all. She wasn't a telepath, but she knew when someone was covering something up. She considered for a moment, before deciding to take what she thought was a big gamble. "I can understand that," she began. "But surely your workk can wait a while. Aren't you interested in finding out what more the Excelsior has been able to learn? I'm sure they know more now than they did when we beamed down, and certainly it might shed some light on some aspects of what has been going on down here."

“I really need to return to my office,” Buffens insisted. “I'm sure your captain can talk to me there is he has more information to impart.”

Lobren walked back toward Gar and Buffens. He wasn't sure what to expect from this situation with Mick and the girl, but he had a feeling it was going to turn into something he didn't want to deal with.

Looking at Buffens seemed to be another situation the Brikar didn't want to deal with.  The colony administrator was looking like he wanted to get out of this room, and Gar was looking like she wanted him to stay. Buffens definitely didn't look happy to see Lobren coming back to them.

Sierra seemed to watch Buffens for a moment while she sent out a telepathic call. ~~Maverick. Either I'm crazy or the administrator is trying to hide something. Can you please tell me which it is? I don't like this at all.~~

She looked to Lobren then, as though silently asking what his disappearance was all about, should it be acceptable to discuss. Whatever the case, she couldn't help but feel as though there might be a connection.

“Ill tell ya inna minute, Lobren said to her unasked question “Do, Buffens,” he directed at the administrator.  “Whaddya know …€Â˜bout htem Rimulans?”

~~Hiding something.~~ Came the telepathic response from Maverick. He was still sitting halfway across the room watching the small woman Lt. McMillian had requested him to watch.

“I don't know why you think I would know anything about any Romulans on the planet!” Buffens huffed. “Now if you'll excuse me, I have much more important work to do than stand around here answering unimportant questions!”  He brushed past Lt. Gar, almost knocking her backwards in an effort to stay out of the Brikar's grasp and quickly left the Central Hall.


Sierra watched Buffens go with a frown and shook her head, before looking over at Maverick and noticing the woman he was watching. ~~Who's that? The woman you are watching.~~


Then she looked to Lobren. "I suppose now is as good a time as any. My gut tells me that Mr. Buffens, and whyever you disappeared a moment ago are connected."


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