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  Lieutenant Storak, SD
"Checking Debris"

“Checking Debris”

By Lt. Storak


Lt. Storak listened patiently as Captain Holden had his discussion with Rear Admiral Hayes, from Starfleet Command.  The moment any mention of the destroyed sub-space jammer was mentioned, the Vulcan science officer busied himself with collecting data on the debris of said jammer.


Storak directed the ship's powerful sensors in the area of where the jamming device had been destroyed.  He carefully picked through the different fragments, differentiating between what was left of the torpedo that caused the destruction and the actual device. He then went about cataloguing and defining the foreign pieces. He set the ship's computer to comparing these pieced with known devices and the match came back almost immediately.


Turning back toward the command area, Storka waited until the transmission with Starfleet Command had closed. He saw Captain Holden contemplate the next moves.  When it was appropriate, the Vulcan spoke up.


“Captain.  The sensor have confirmed that the debris from the sub-space jammer is, indeed, Romulan in origin.  I have already instructed the science lab to pull in some of the debris for closer analyzation.”


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