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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Help Is On the Way"

“Help Is On the Way”

By Captain Holden (w/Admiral Hayes)


The image or Rear Admiral Randal Hayes remained on the main viewscreen of the U.S.S. Excelsior. “We received your communications buoy message about the Romulan minefield. We tried to get a message to the Romulan Galae, but this far have not received a response back from the..


“We also tried getting a message to the Galae,” Holden said to the screen, “but the sub-space jammer preventd any transmissions from this area.”


There was a momentary look of displeasure from Hayes, like he did not approve of the starship, itself, trying to contact the Foreign government, but it quickly passed. “The Roxboro is on its way to you now, but it is still a day out. It hasn't been upgraded with slip-stream yet. If we get another slip-stream-capable ship available, we'll send them your way as well.


“I appreciate that, Admiral,” Holden told him. “The pure fact that we had two drone ships attack us and then the loss of our two probes, goes to show someone is hiding something on this planet, and they don't want anyone to find out about it.”


Have you heard anything from Administrator Buffens yet?”


“I have not,” Holden replied. “My team on the ground may have, and should have contacted him.”


See what you can find out from him, and keep me informed of what you find down there.


Holden nodded. “I will, Admiral.”


And Captain, let's be real careful with this. We are finally getting a somewhat shaky relationship with the Romulans, more toward the friendly side, if you know what I mean.


“I do, Admiral, and we will be cautious.”


The admiral nodded but there was still a skeptical look on his face. “Good.  Again, keep me informed and good luck. Starfleet out.


The screen went back to showing the curve of Xionus IV and the stars beyond. Holden brought his hand to his chin and contemplated the conversation for a moment. His thoughts were interrupted by the chirp of the communicator.


Lieutenant Waite to Captain Holden.”


(being continued toward the end of “Aid and a Kid On Xionus IV, Day 2”)

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