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  Commander Zarian Lobren, Lieutenant Sierra Gar, First Lieutenant Peter McMillian, LtJG Helen Waite, SD
"Aid,, And A Kid, On Xionus IV" JDL

“Aid, And A Kid, On Xious IV”

JDL: Commander Lobren, Lt. Gar, Fst. Lt. McMillian, Lt.j.g. Waite and the Kid


The away team was finally assembled. Sierra wasn't sure how to feel about her predicament as she looked around, though. Her first day back on duty... hell, her first hour back on duty, and she was the one leading an away team? She had a very odd feeling about this. Was it some kind of test? She looked to the faces around her. People she had been with ever since she returned to action so many months ago after being stuck in a hell hole for ten years. Bones, Lobren, Maverick, Helen. These were all people she had served with. And... she realized, people that she still didn't really know.


Sierra took a deep breath before turning to face the rest of her team. "Are we all ready?"


Helen nodded. "Since I'm pretty good with Logistics and Listening, want me to set up a soup kitchen to start feeding everyone that doesn't need major medical work? I can start in on counseling with them while I'm stirring the soup and ladling it out." She  looked over to the mass of Medical gear, foodstuffs and cooking equipment that had been beamed down moments after they got there. From what she had picked up from the ones around , soup would be the best for helping the malnourished and dehydrated people. "Where do you want me to set up my kitchen?"


After they arrived Peter watched as Bones was doing her thing.  Everything looked kind of frantic. Peter tried but he just couldn't keep up. Bones and Varok appeared to have things under control for them anyway so he decided to go take a walk. He thought Lobren might blow his top but at the moment, Pete needed some air. Seeing all these people needing help was affecting him.  He felt for them, but as he was about to leave, he heard a small noise from nearby. He went to investigate.  He opened a side Panel and found a small girl who couldn't have been older than like 10 or 12. He carefully walked up to her.


"Hello, Little One," McMillian said gently.  "What's your name?" The girl said nothing. "Are you here alone?" Peter asked.


The girl said nothing but Peter noticed tears rolling down her face. He looked at the girl and immediately felt like he was looking at Malinda. Even though she wasn't his daughter, seeing her alone and dirty like this made him feel a whole slew of emotions.  He then sat down. "Okay, we don't have to talk but can I at least take you to get checked for injuries?" he asked.


The Girl nodded, clearly traumatized by everything, so Peter gently tried to pick up and carry her to one of the nursing stations. She freaked out and started wailing. Peter backed off and said, "Okay, Okay. I'm backing off, we can walk."


So the girl then stood up and followed him, very scared and very, very cautious. She held on to Peter's hand very tightly as he walked over and saw Nurse Temple.


"Sorry, Temple, I found this girl hiding in a conduit. I think she's alone. Can you give her the once over?"


Peter tried to walk away but the girl screamed, "No!"


"It's okay, Little One," Peter assured her.  "i need to make a call and this very nice nurse is going to check to make sure you are ok." Peter's heart melted as  she held tighter to his hand. "Okay, okay. I won't go anywhere." Peter popped down on one of the now-empty cots and said, "Tell you what. Let this nice lady scan you to make sure you're okay and I know where we can get some food. Would you like that?"


The little girl nodded and then Peter nodded to Nurse Temple.


As She was getting checked Peter stayed by the girls side never leaving. He new this girl would need help but he was a little out of his wheel house so she contacted someone who knows better.


~ Helen, it's Pete, Can you hear me? I found a young girl, looks like she's been abandoned and ever since I found her, she wont let me go. Temple is almost finished checking her out. I was planning on bringing her to your food station, to be honest this is a little out of my wheel house. Could you give me a hand? ~


Helen heard Pete through the bond they seemed to have developed as she started arranging supplies to be used for the soup kitchen. Luckily, most of the foodstuffs were freeze-dried and could be scooped up by the pitcherfull into the cauldrons filled with water to make the nourishing soup that would be needed  by so many. 

~Of Course Pete, I can hear you and I'll be more than happy to help you with your new lady. I already have heat and eat containers of soup ready to go as well as bottles for the babies and the heat and eats are going first to the children and the pregnant women to get them a chance, but I'll make sure to see about your little lady as well.~


It wasn't long before Nurse Temple had cleared Her.  Temple informed Peter that the child was severely malnourished and more the likely had been in that corridor for days.  Other than that and some minor scrapes and bruises that Temple healed with a Dermal regenerator, the girl was in Perfect health. Temple finished off by giving her a few antibiotic shots to help stave off any illness she may have had and told Peter they could leave.


Peter looked at the girl and smiled. "Feeling better now? Let's go get some food"


The Girl, still not letting go of Peter out of fear, still wasn't talking, she just nodded her head in approval again


~ Helen, me and the girl are on the way. She's still not talking but Temple told me the girl was severely malnourished and had more then likely been in the corridor she'd been in for days. I'm thinking she's traumatized that's why she won't speak, if that helps. ~


~That's one possibility, she could also be autistic or a non-verbal deaf girl and able to read lips. But bring her over here and we'll get some soup in her and see if that helps.~ Helen began thinking of all the signs she had learned as another means of communication and all the ways she could try to help the girl that seemed to adopt Pete. She smiled, even in a crisis he seemed to collect ladies the way some people collected seashells.


In the central meeting hall, Commander Lobren quickly surveyed the area, and ordered his security team to take a quick sweep of the perimeter.  There was still the matter of Romulans in the Xionus system and the security chief didn't want to take any chances. When he was certain things were secure, he gave Lt. Gar the thumbs-up so she could get her team to work on feeding the hungry-looking people.


Helen was just waiting for the go ahead to set  up the huge cauldrons but in the meantime she had several dozen cases of individual servings of pop and heat chicken noodle soup ready to hand out to all that came to her for the food. "Commander Lobren, could you announce that the children and pregnant women get first go at the heat and eat soups. I'll get the soup cauldrons started just as soon as I get the go ahead. I also have bottles of  formula for the babies so they'll also have something to eat."


"Ya got it, Waite,” the Brikar acknowledged.  He then relayed the message to the other security officers that were a part of his team.


"Go on ahead and get set up," Gar said while looking over at Helen. She reached for her pocket to retrieve her tricorder before stopping herself. Scanning was not her job this time around. She was in charge. Everyone else was functioning as her eyes and ears. So Sierra took a look around, and frowned in consideration. She didn't see anyone who was acting as leader.


The female lieutenant made her way over to Lobren with a thoughtful look on her face. "Commander Lobren, Maverick. Is there any sign of anyone in charge down here? As it appears that everything is well in hand I intend to find out as much about what happened here as I can."


Sierra wasn't certain about this call, but she knew that being a leader meant that one had to express an aura of confidence. Sierra did her best to express that aura now, even though she was doubting her every move.


“What I would do if I were in yer shoes,” Lobren suggested, “is focus on what ya got goin' here, an' send someone like me ta go check fer th' administrator. Ya were put in charge o' this mess here and ya want ta make sure it all goes as ya want.”


Peter and the girl arrived at the station, seeing a whole slew of women and children being fed. The sight of all these hungry and now Probably homeless People was affecting Peter way more then he cared to admit. He tried his best not to focus on the post devastation he was seeing and just focus on the one girl he thought he could help.


The Girl, looking around, seeing all these People, immediately became frightened and started clinging to Peter really tight almost to the point of cutting off circulation. For a moment Peter thought he could sense the girls fear. He just hugged her. "Shush now, it's ok, Little one, you are safe now. I wont let anyone hurt you anymore."


He wanted to call Waite over but didn't wanna be selfish. Many people here, at the moment, needed her. Peter quietly started a song he hoped would be soothing to his young charge.


"Hush now, little angel, Don't say a word

Peter's gonna buy you a mocking bird

and if that mocking bird don't sing

then he's gonna buy you a diamond ring."


He hummed the rest cause he didn't remember any more words. It did not take long before the girl fell asleep in his arms. He still sensed something about the girl but couldn't place it. He figured when Helen's free, she'd help him figure out what it was.


Helen saw Pete and his new charge come over, only for the girl to fall asleep in his arms. 


~Pete, there's a stack of emergency blankets and additional bedding over by the foodstuff stores, for the people to use if you want to wrap her up in some. I think, just by looking at her, she feels that you're the only protection she has and I could use someone here to help keep order if some of the people start getting rowdy, though they haven't so far.~


She got back to tending the three cauldrons of soup she had going, dishing out liberal amounts into bowls for the people that came to her area. She smiled to the people there and hoped she didn't remind anyone of the old witch at her cauldron in some of the old fairy tales.There were already stacks of blankets and bedding for the  people to take once they got their soup and hopefully some of the other Security people had managed to set up some near circus-sized tents to hold the numbers of people that were without homes. They'd also need to see about sanitary facilities for a large number of people, both potties and showers as well as a cesspit, to keep down any spread of disease.


Peter gently placed the girl on the cot and grabbed some soup for the girl incase she wanted some when she woke. After making sure the girl was comfortable he gently tucked her in.

Then he thought ~~Helen thank you of course I'll help just tell me what to do I'm there. unfortunately this whole dam thing is effecting me so many needy people so much destruction and the girl what kind of monsters would do this to innocent people. stuff like this makes me wish I still had my …€Â˜shoot first ask questions' later mentality. However for now I'm just trying to focus on doin what I can for that little girl. I cant save everyone but I'll do my damnedest to save her...…€… Sorry random thoughts my bad yes I don't mind Helping keep this place safe just let me know where you need me.~~


After getting some helpful hints from Lt. Waite, Peter did as she asked while constantly looking over to the cot to make sure the girl was safe for the moment, no one appeared to be making any trouble.

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