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  Lieutenant j.g. Varok, SD
"Varok's Turn"

“Varok's Turn”

DL' Lt.j.g. Varok w/ Special Agents Ariel & Tivoy


The double doors to Briefing Room 4 slid open and Lieutenant junior grade Varok stepped in to the room.  He immediately noted the two Special Agents from the Temporal Investigations Bureau standing there.


“Lieutenant Varok,” the woman, Special Agent Ariel, greeted. “Thank you for responding so promptly.


“I did not believe I had any other choice but to respond,” Varok admitted neutrally to them.


“You always could have refused,” said Agent Tivoy, “but then we would have had to get a warrant and come after you.” Unless Varok mistook this interpretation of this agent's body language, it seemed the man would have preferred that.


“I have no reason to refuse your request,” Varok said to them both. He moved to the conference table and sat down where so many officers before him had.


“I am glad to hear you say that, Lieutenant,” Ariel said. She moved coyly on the opposite side of the table. “We understand you treated some of the crew from the other Excelsior.”


“I did,” Varok admitted instantly.


“And during the time you were tending to them, did you have any conversations with them?” Tivoy asked.


“I did not,” Varok answered. “I had been briefed by Dr. Harris that they were from the future and my knowledge of the Temporal Prime Directive informed me that my contact with them was to be as limited as strictly possible. I therefore followed that protocol and did not engage any of them in conversation.”


“You didn't speak to a one of them,” Tivoy asked. “I find that hard to believe, and don't give me that bullstuff about Vulcan can't lie.”


Varok raised an eyebrow at the agent's disbelief. “I assure you that I did not, Special Agent. And I also assure you that there have been a few incidents of a Vulcan telling a falsehood, a Vulcan in full control of their faculties chooses not to. I am one such Vulcan.”


“So you had no knowledge of your future self's presence on that ship?” Tivoy asked.


“I have no true knowledge of such,” Varok told him, “however, I had deduced as much. I do not know in what capacity my future self was serving aboard that ship, though.”


“Deduced it?” Ariel asked.  “What led you to that deduction?”


“As I was treating several of the casualties,” Varok stated. “I noticed a specific treatment to the wounds that I have recently developed for use while triaging casualties. I had not yet presented them to Dr. Harris for approval as I am still working with the procedure on holographic simulations. Also, upon the destruction of the future Excelsior, I had experienced a profound loss. I can only credit that sensation  to a subtle telepathic link to my older self.”


“So you admit you were in telepathic contact with your doppleganger?” Tivoy asked.


“I admit it is a possibility,” Varok answered. “I did not intentionally establish a link, nor would I have, had I knowledge of a future version of myself on that ship.”


“I find that hard to believe,” Tivoy scoffed.


“You can believe what you wish,” Varok replied, again his tone neutral. He looked to Ariel. “I am fairly certain you are aware that I am being one hundred percent forthcoming with my answers.”


Special Agent Ariel momentarily let slip an expression of surprise. She studied him a moment, wondering how he knew. She gave an ever-so-subtle nod. “I do know you are telling us the truth, Lieutenant.”


“Thank you,” Varok acknowledged.


“You're welcome,” Ariel replied. “I am certain you are aware that we have a difficult job when it comes to time travel and keeping temporal pollution to a minimum.”


“I do,” Varok said. “I also know the future is always in a state of flux. Because we have all witnessed a ship from our future and actions taken by one of our crew, also from the future, that very future can now be altered. Such is the case, also, with Dr. Harris and the birth of her twin children.”


“Yes, we have noted that occurance too,” Ariel said thoughtfully, her gaze fixed on the far bulkhead.  She then looked back to Varok. “Thank you, Lieutenant for your truthful responses.  If you think of anything we have not discussed in this briefing, remember you are obliged to report it.”


“I assure you, I have nothing else to report,” Varok said. “My interaction with any of the crew from the other Excelsior was limited to that necessary to save their lives, which is permitted in the TPD.”


“Indeed it is,” Ariel admitted. She looked to her partner who knew what she was going to say next, but obviously was not in favor of it. “You are dismissed.”


Varok rose and walked toward the briefing room's exit. As he entered the corridor, he heard Agent Tivoy say, “Special Agent Tivoy to Lt. Commander Wolfe, please report to Briefing Room 4”



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