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""Bones Goes Wandering" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Zarian Lobren & Commander Stacey Harris
[Stardate ]


“Bones Goes Wandering”

JPL: Dr. Stacey (Bones) Harris & Commander Lobren


Dr. Stacey Bones Harris left the briefing room, hurried into the TL, and rushed to the security office. She had a completely irrational worry that if she didn't get away fast, they would call her for more questioning. She thought she held up pretty well, putting on a slightly exaggerated false bravado that she thinks did the trick- annoyed them enough so they wouldn't bother with her again - at least she hoped. She knew that she was the first senior officer that the temporal agents had questioned, and she couldn't wait to tell Lobren. She rang his chime. She impatiently danced a little. She really did have to pee after drinking that pitcher of water.

“Enter,” Lobren replied to the chime. He looked away from the computer screen to see who was coming in.  “Doc!  What ya doin' down here? Slummin'?”


She nodded and ran into his head, “I hope your bathroom is clean!” He heard her mumble and swear through the door, “damn one piece uniforms. Not made for quick peeing.” Within a minute, she was done, cleaned her hands and exited. Then she looked at Lob with her reason for coming, “hey, guess what!”


“I been tryin' ta guess since ya ran in here,” the Brikar responded.  “I'm sure there are a hunnert different heads ya coulda used around th' ship so that's not it.”


Bones shook her head, “the Temporal Agents called me in for questioning! They had me in the briefing room for the last hour asking all kinds of questions, mostly about Varok. They seemed accusatory and were downright rude to me.” She crossed her arms in a huff.


“An' they're still livin' ta tell about it?” Lobren quipped. He came to expect the icy glare he then received from the chief medical officer. “So, they were curious …€Â˜bout Varok?  Why?”


Bones shrugged, “I don't know. They wouldn't tell me. Wouldn't tell me anything actually.” She looked around conspiratorially even though they were alone, and then lowered her voice, “say, was your future self on the ship? Because mine wasn't.”


“I don' think so,” Lobren said.  “I'd like ta think I'd a kicked th' Legislator's ass if I'd a been on th' future XL.”  He thought a moment. “Was Varok's older self aboard?”


Bones thought another moment and wondered if she should say anything, but she figured most people knew about Varok and was surprised he didn't. Plus, it was Lobren and she couldn't recall anyone telling her not to specifically say this. She nodded, “yeah, he was the CMO....don't let that go to your head. If anyone molded his fine character it was me, not you. Even his older self told me that. Kinda.”


“Yeah, ya're a gem of a mentor,” Lobren shot back. “So, if he had an older self on that DL, there coulda been telepathic contact b'tween them, but Varok is so straight-laced, and he knows the ramifications of temporal manipulations, his older self woudn' a let that happen.”


Bones nodded, “agreed. So what ARE they looking for?”


“My guess would be that we didn' glean any information from that future ship that might, in turn, affect that same future,” Lobren noted. “Most likely any future technology we ain't …€Â˜sposed ta know about yet.” Lobren sat back in his chair. “I can' wait fer my turn in their inquiry.  Ya know they're gonna wanna know what I learned aboard th' Legislator. …€Â˜Fraid I'm gonna let …€Â˜em down though.”


Both the Brikar and the chief medical officer shared a chuckle over that.  They chatted a bit more about the incident and how they've probably already changed the future, which got Bones thinking about George and Gracie again. When she left the security chief's office, though, she did not have the want for a drink as she had when she wandered in there to begin with.


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