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JPL: A Friend in Need

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Lieutenant Sierra Gar
[Stardate ]


Sierra sighed heavily as she looked down at Maverick, sitting at her feet as she sat on the sofa in her quarters. She reached a hand out for him, stroking the wolf's fur gently, but with a hint of... possessiveness... desperation?


Sierra was at a loss. She didn't want to be near people, but Maverick was... different. She still felt drawn to him somehow. Silently she wondered, ~~Has Lobren been your only... I do not know what to call him. Owner? Care giver? Or have there been others?~~


~~There was only my mother and siblings before Lobren,~~ Maverick sent to Sierra. ~~He became my alpha when I was a pup. With our kind, when we bond with the alpha, our eyes become the same as the alpha's.~~


Sierra nodded slowly as she got off the sofa, only to sit on the floor, crossing her legs as she looked at Maverick on his own level. She let out a quiet sigh as her eyes darted around the room, conflicted. She wanted to bring something up but did not know how.


Finally, Sierra figured something out. ~~Does Lobren let you sleep on the bed with him... or?~~


~~I have my own sleeping space,~~ the wolf replied.  ~~The Brikar actually sleep standing up.~~


Sierra reached out and gently scritched Maverick between the ears, looking over the wolf hesitantly. She had no idea how this would go over. ~~I do not know if you will understand this... and it makes me feel like some kind of.. frightened little girl... but... sleep with me? I need to be close to...~~ she paused, confused and uncertain what to communicate that might not be considered offensive. ~~A furry companion. They were always of comfort to me growing up. Do you understand?~~


~~I understand,~~ Maverick sent back. While he had been a cub when he was given to Lobren, he still remembered the Dire family and the attachment they had felt to his mother and his other siblings. Maverick turned his head away from Sierra for the briefes of moments, then fixed his black orbs that were his eyes back on her. ~~Lobren knows and has no problem with me remaining here.~~


The expression on Sierra's face was grateful as she leaned forward slightly, pulling herself to her feet. A yawn overtook the woman as she covered her mouth before gesturing to the door leading to her bedroom. As she walked towards it, she shot Maverick a strange look, feeling... less tense than she had ever since this whole thing began.


Maverick's tail wagged easily as he sensed that the tension had been lessened.  He followed Sierra into her sleeping quarters and waited for the invitation to jump onto the bed.


After changing into her night clothes, Sierra reached down and patted Maverick on the head, before getting under the covers and calling for the lights. Then she patted the bed and looked over at Maverick, inviting him to come up and cuddle.


Maverick jumped up onto the comfortable surface.  He lay down in the spot where Sierra had indicated and maintained a vigil on her until he was certain she had fallen asleep.

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