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  Lieutenant Zachary Zuniga & Commander Stacey Harris, SD
A Good Report

A Good Report

DL: Commander Stacey "Bones" Harris and Counselor Zuniga

Dr. Stacey Bones Harris sauntered into the inner sanctum of Counselor Zuniga's office with a wave. She was quite surprisingly right on time for their weekly appointment. "Howdy Counselor, how goes it?"

'Hello Dr Harris."  Zach said cheerily. "Coffee and a biscotti?"  He offered from the replicator. "Good to see you looking so well."  He said sincerely.

She nodded, “Yes please. I like it Hot and strong. Like my men.” She smiled at her own joke and sat down.

"Well then, at least 2/3 of the ladies on the ship would agree with your assessment of Captain Trellis." He smiled and set a mug in front of her.  He placed the plate with several biscotti between the two of them and sat again.

"I'm happy to see you're in good spirits." He told her as he dunked his biscotti into his coffee and waited for her to speak.

"Why wouldn't I be? Taking the kiddos home tomorrow." She smiled again as she took a cookie.

"Oh I wasn't implying that you shouldn't be happy.  In fact, you've got a lot of reasons to be proud of yourself, starting with George and Gracie.  And don't be surprised if Mara shows up at your place, you know she dotes on the twins already. Sometimes she can be confusing, brusque and short-tempered with adults,  But with the little ones, she's a total pussycat. So, I heard you got an...unwelcome...gift recently."

Bones munched on her cookie nodding about Mara, though Bones never has such problems with her. Then she swallowed abruptly and coughed a little at his last sentence. "Holy Cow, does anything not make it's way through the grapevine on this ship?? Geesh. Well, I had NOTHING to do with that."

"Whoa, whoa.  I know you didn't in any sense.  I'm sure Lt McMillian's faux pas was his attempt to be magnanimous.  And scuttlebutt has been fueling ships since they sailed the proverbial seven seas on Earth."  He smiled and winked. "And they've been providing fine fodder for many a counselor's couch or chair for almost as long."

Bones nodded and finished her cookie. She took a healthy swallow of coffee and motioned for him to refill it. “I have to say, I've been drinking more coffee of late...but one vice at a time.” She chuckled. “Anyhoo, I told Taz the whole gory story.”

"And Taz, being your friend and well, being Taz, didn't give you a hard time, right?"

Bones shook her head, “Of course she didn't. She may, however, have forgotten that I also have training in psychology. I could tell she was surprised, but after hanging with the kids and spending a few hours with her- I picked up on something else. Guilt. Naturally she wouldn't admit it, just apologized for not being there....and guess what? I'm getting the same tip-toeing guilt vibe from Lobren...and to a much less Vulcan extent, Varok. But it's there nonetheless....and a little bit even from Mara and Joshua.” She sat back and crossed her arms and continued, “Zach, you need to tell all these people who are secretly harboring some sort of guilt that none of this was their fault. It doesn't matter how good of a friend they are, and how observant they think they are. No one could have prevented this, and no one could have seen it. It's all on me. No one else. Now, thank heavens it's over with due to the help of my good friends, but I need everyone to be normal. Not act like they are less than because they didn't prevent this little debacle, and not act like if they let their guard down at any minute- I might start shooting up heroin or something.” She sighed. “Do you get what I'm saying? It seems as if I'm cured...but my friends are not.”

"You're unhappy because you have friends that are TOO good?? I wish more people had that problem, doc.  And I'm sure -- considering your extensive psych training -- that you know that they will forgive themselves in time.  Nothing you and I can do to make it happen faster."

Bones sat down her coffee, “No, there's nothing that I can do about it. But you can. Talk to Taz. Tell her she's being silly, and have her convince the others. And talk to your girlfriend. I think she hid my key to the pharmaceutical cabinet. I get it. I really do. I know it's not that they don't trust me- they just care. But still. Did you hear the whole story with Lobren? He absolutely flipped a friggin lid when McMillian tried to give me the ale. Like I said, I just want everyone to be back to normal. Varok put the damn rubbing alcohol on a shelf that I couldn't reach. I'm mean really?!”

"Varok did what?"  Zach shook his head. "That IS silly!  Poor Commander Lobren hardly needs any new reasons to blow a gasket when it comes to Lt McMillian, so I can't be sure that reaction wasn't anything more than a reaction to Peter brazenly bringing contraband aboard."  Zach swallowed the last of his coffee.

"For the record, Mara hid the key from herself,  She stuck it in her bra while working and forgot it was there...she was too embarrassed to just admit her mistake and was going to look for a way to slip it back without being noticed.  But anyway, you've convinced me, I'll have a word with Taz. If anyone can get them to straighten up and fly right, she's the one to do it."

Bones smiled a little and sighed, “Thanks. I appreciate it. So. Are we done?” She asked nicely.

"Unless you have anything else on your mind, we are indeed done!" Zach nodded.


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