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  Lieutenant Sierra Gar & Commander Zarian Lobren, SD
JL: When the Looking Glass Breaks... Part Five
Sierra sat in her chair, waiting. She was pleased at how things had gone thus far. The Federationers were helpless. The Excelsior was crippled. They had no warp drive, no impulse engines, so they couldn't go anywhere. So even if the Excelsior managed to inflict damage on the Horizon, it would do little good. Alliance ships would be on them before they knew what was happening.

Sierra's train of thought was interrupted by an incoming hail.

A muscular male at the ops console announced that Lieutenant Harris was on the line.

Indeed, Harris's voice was heard not a few seconds later. "Lieutenant Harris to Horizon."

"Put him up," Sierra instructed, and with that Harris's image appeared on the viewer.


"Well, don't you look chipper? Good news, I take it?" Sierra asked.


On the main view screen, Lt. Harris gave a very sneaky, satisfied smile. “Oh, you cannot imagine.  Allow me to show you something.” He tapped the arm console of the command chair and the view changed from Harris to the Excelsior bridge crew huddled away from all the consoles.  Her commanding officer stood right in front for the Horizon's commanding officer to see.

Sierra couldn't help but smirk. Her counterpart looked as though her pride had been wounded.


"Well, don't they look cute?" Sierra asked, laughing. She shrugged the thought off as she regained a businesslike tone. "Very well. If you deme the damage over there significant enough, I want you to leave some security in place. But we need to figure out a few things. Primarily, what the Federationers were doing in our space, and how they got here to begin with. If we can figure out how they ended up here we can exploit whatever method they used."




As the conversation continued on the view screen, the Excelsior's first officer watched silently. She was plotting, trying to buy some time.

Gar reached out with her mind. Marika and her companions had been left in her care some time ago. Marika had been sired by Maverick, the telepathic wolf bonded to now-Captain Zarian Lobren who commanded the U.S.S. Horizon, fifteen years ago. Marika bonded with Sierra and the end result was the development of a certain sense of family between them. On a mission in Sector 183, they had rescued the other two wolves as cubs. The cubs bonded with Sierra as well, and  they became as much a family to the crew as well.


~~Marika. We need you and the rest of your family's help. We have trouble up here. But wherever you are, don't move.~~

She repeated the call until Marika responded, making it clear that although she needed her help, Marika would be more useful if she and her two companions stayed where they were.


Harris nodded to his commanding officer. “We'll go through their sensor logs with a fine tooth comb,” he said, looking at the Federation Sierra Gar, then back to the screen. “I will get back to you as soon as I can, Sir.”


~~We will await your orders,~~ came the wolf's response in Sierra's mind.


Sierra sent her gratitude to the wolf while the conversation continued around her. ~~I remember your first contact with me. It was... a bit disorienting. Overwhelming. Could you turn that up to eleven, intentionally? There's a hostile ship nearby. We need to distract them long enough to get the upper hand. But not yet.~~


Meanwhile, Gar's counterpart nodded at Harris. "Very well. Keep me informed."


“As you say, Captain,” Harris replied. “Excelsior out.” He tapped the console and closed the comm channel. “Get this lot locked up,” he ordered to his fellow officers. “Take them two at a time.” He sneered at Gar. “We don't want them trying to be heroes, do we?”


~~We have never tried anything so bold,~~ Marika sent back to Sierra, ~~but, we will combine our abilities and do our best.~~


Sierra simply shook her head. She did not move while she continued to converse with her distant companion. ~~There are others from the same ship over here as well. They will need to be taken care of. With luck, you will only have to do this once. You can sense them as well, I take it?~~


~~We can,~~ Marika verified. ~~Their dark nature makes them easy to tell apart from the Excelsior crew. We can only do three at a time, but we can subdue the invaders.~~


The Starfleet officer almost couldn't hold back a chuckle. ~~Dark nature indeed,~~ she thought to herself and Marika. ~~Alright. On my signal, take out the three closest to me, then the ones up here on the bridge. Once they're delt with... there's another me and her crew you need to worry about. Only worry about her and those immediately in the room with her. We should only need a few minutes. Can you manage?~~


Sierra didn't honestly know how well this would pan out, or how much of a tole it'd take on Marika and her kin. But she didn't have a choice. ~~Don't worry, girls. When this is all over, I'll take you all for a nice, long walk. I know how much you love the open air.~~ Sierra sent this last message with encouragement. She wasn't sure how the thought of this plan was playing on Marika, as she knew the wolf tended to be rather private, and selective, in those she communicated with. But she wanted to reassure her companion... no... her friend, that things would work out.


~~Subduing the crew of the other ship will be difficult due to the distance between ships,~~ Marika sent, ~~but, we will attempt it. It may also be difficult to convince Anikka and Airika to attack what they may perceive as you…… but, again, we will do our best.~~


Sierra watched Harris, saying nothing as she continued to converse. ~~I know. Just do everything you can. The potential lives of everyone on this ship ride on this.~~


~~Understood,~~ Marika affirmed. ~~We stand ready.~~


Sierra was now satisfied. All she had to do now was wait, and see who was escorted away first. Logically, she thought it would be her and the Excelsior's tactical officer, Alexander WInfrid as he was next in line for command. She only hoped she didn't have to break too many people out before she could put her plan in to action. She watched Harris with an expectant look.


“Well, Captain,” Harris said with a sneer. “This is giving me more pleasure than you can imagine.” He looked to his security officer, and pointed to Gar and the tactical officer. “Take those two first. Lock them up, unless they give you trouble along the way, then just kill them.”


The officer nodded. By the look in his eyes, it was clear he was hoping they would try something. He pointed his phaser to  them and indicated to them to start moving for the lift. “Move it.”


Sierra and the tactical officer both started walking. "I'm sure it is," she remarked while casting a look at Harris. "I'm sure it is."



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