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"Therapy At the Impulse Drive" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Captain Michael Holden, Lieutenant Sierra Gar, Lieutenant j.g. T'Radt
[Stardate ]


“Therapy At the Impulse Drive”

JPL: Lt. Gar, Lt.J.g. T'Radt, Lt. Commander zh'Tharan (Holden)


Lt. Commander zh'Thran led the way into the Impulse Drive, one of the few establishments still open on Starbase 295. Surprisingly, the place was packed.  Well, maybe it wasn't a surprise.  There was still ship traffic coming to the starbase and their crews need to go somewhere.  The noise level was high and zh'Thran almost had to shout to be overheard.

“I have never seen it so crowded in here,” she said loudly to Lt. Sierra Gar and Lt. j.g. T'Radt.  “I hope we can find a seat together!”


Sierra was unprepared for the level of traffic she saw. She wasn't sure how well she'd do. Her problem was a naturally soft voice.

Such a thing could be a great gift, or an unfortunate barrier. She found that if she tried to be too loud it would end up leaving her throat feeling sore. 


The lieutenant stuck close to Chenna. She was closer than she realized. Closer than she maybe should have been. But she didn't want to lose her friend again. "Woah," she remarked quietly. "I guess someone decided to throw you a party, Chenna!" She laughed


T'Radt's ears twisted back and forth. It was mighty noisy in here and the smells were domething else as well. There were scents of all types of races in the room as well as perfumes, just regular body odor and alcohol. A lot of alcohol. He, too, stayed close to zh'Thran and Sierra. He also kept his tail close to his body as they made their way through the crowd..


Looking around, trying to find an empty table, zh'Thran did not recognize anyone.  She saw a couple officers , but mostly civilian freight workers.  She spotted a empty table and made a bee-line for it. A holographic waitress was cleaning the table off and turned around. Her eyes lit up when she saw zh'Thran.


“Chenna!” the waitress said. “You're back! Where have you been?”


“Long story!” zh'Thran said loudly. “I'll be glad to tell you sometime I don't have to shout it at you!”


“Got you,” the waitress said with a nod. She looked at Sierra and T'Radt. “More new staff to the station?”


“No,” zh'Thran answered. “They are from the Excelsior. They're responsible for our rescue.”


The waitress smiled broadly. “You rescued Chenna? First drinks are on the house! What will you have? I already know what Chenna wants.”


Sierra chuckled softly and seemed to consider her response. She looked a little out of her element. "Hell, doesn't really matter to me. A synthail? I don't care. Just... something simple."


“And the big pussy cat wants a spiked milk,” zh'Thran said loudly.


“Ah, one Loaded Caitian coming up,” the waitress said and walked away.


“It makes sense this place is still open,” zh'Thran said. “Almost the entire staff is holographic. In fact, I'm betting any of the shops that are still open are all manned by holograms.”


Sierra blinked once, seeming to mull that over. "...Huh. I guess that would really come in handy, actually," she acknowledged. "Doesn't matter when you stop by, but your favourite bar tender will always be here."


Zh'Thran nodded. “And it obviously keeps your place in business if you get kidnapped by a giant skipping stone.”


Sierra couldn't help it. She laughed again.

~~Only you could crack a joke about utter hell, and somehow still make it funny,~~ she thought.

looked over at T'radt. "How are you fairing?" She asked.


“Getting used to the noise level,” T'Radt replied. His tail swished easily and he intentionally kept it close to his body. Looking to zh'Thran he said, “I thought it unusual that the waitress had no scent..”  He looked back to Sierra. “How are you holding up? This kind of place isn't your usual type of hangout.”


Sierra looked back to zh'Thran and smiled, before looking back to T'radt. "Me?" Sierra asked. "I'm doing just fine. I have Chenna here to keep me sane."


“I'm here for you too, you know,” T'Radt pointed out. “I mean, we've worked side by side for months now. I would hope you would worry about me as well.” He looked to zh'Thran. “Right, Commander?”


“One would think so,” zh'Thran replied, then she chuckled. “Unless of course you are a big goofus. Is he a big goofus, Sierra” This was a term the two had shared back in the academy when they would refer to anyone of objectionable character.


Before Gar could answer, the waitress returned with the drink orders.  She geve them to each of the three. Zh'Thran's drink was bright green at the top and orange at the bottom of the clear glass. T'Radt's was a large bowl three-quarters full with a mint green foamy liquid.  And Gar's synthale came in a tall clear glass as well.


“Enjoy,” the waitress said and walked off to deal with other customers.


Sierra reached out for her drink, shaking her head as she grinned. "Nope. Not even close," she remarked. She looked back over at the Excelsior's helmsman. "How long have you even been on board, anyway?" Sierra was curious. She had hardly interacted with T'radt at all outside of bridge duty, and even then she usually kept things strictly work related. But for now, she could let her hair down. And it seemed that this was the most comfortable she'd been in an off duty setting.


The Caitian lapped a bit at the drink brought to him.  It was clear, when his ears came forward, that he enjoyed the drink. He then looked to Sierra and his ears slid back and forth as he thought about her question. “I've been aboard for three years now, I think,” he told her. “Time just seems to fly at warp speed.”


Sierra took a sip of her drink. She tried to commit this moment to memory. She looked towards Chenna, trying to commit every detail about her friend to memory as well. She wasn't going to forget her friend again. Sierra didn't want the Excelsior to leave 295. Or, she hoped Chenna might get reassigned. She was thinking about her friend quite a lot, almost during every waking moment she wasn't occupied. But she was happy, and hoped that they could at least stay in regular contact.

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