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PL - Ruwan's Reflections

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Centurion S'Talon Ruwan
[Stardate ]


USS Excelsior 201810.21

S'Talon Ruwan

PL - Reflections on the crew.

Captain Michael Alan Holden, seemed to be very busy. He was thankful for this honorable human assisting his crew in their hour of need and not interrogating them after the rescue. Instead he hailed the nearest ship to take them home. When he was outed as a traitor to his people having gone rouge by his ships political officer he had appealed to the captain for asylum on the Excelsior which the captain honored, even if he had been Tal'shair.

Commander Zarian Lobren, This Brikarian would have made a good Romulan. It was obvious to him the security chief viewed him as a risk to the ship but she did not know that he had given his parole to the Captain that he would do nothing to knowingly jeopardize the USS Excelsior or any of her crew. As long as both of them stayed out of each other's way the captain could rest easy. He wouldn't start anything but he wasn't sure that the feeling was mutual with his host's security chief.

Commander Carishai was a Denobulan whom had misgivings about romulans due to loss of husband, Milx. Working on confirming the loss of the Denobulan vessel, Berina on which he was serving as a merchant captain, She told him the IRF had accused him of spying due to the trade routes he used and supposedly destroyed his ship with all personnel aboard. Her opinions of his people did seem to be softening because of Gar's intervention and his willingness to investigate the matter of Milx's death..

Lt. Commander N'Tazzia the Tesshuan Med officer and Chief Counselor who had been among the staff trying to save his crew. She had the sad duty of informing him of how many had been lost in battle the fateful day he came aboard. He hadn't seen her lately but this was a big ship. He planned on calling her to see how she was fairing soon. He didn't know it but she was off ship now dealing with family issues.

Lieutenant,Sierra Amelia Gar  was a very bold junior officer especially as a human. When her commander snapped at him in 12 forward for working there it was Gar that put her superior in her place. She unlike some of the junior officers and non-coms on the ship, she harbored no ill-will towards the former Centurion.

Ens. Helen Marie Waite was still an enigma to the former centurion. He had not spoken with her enough to get a feel for who she really was. From what he observed, whoever she thought she was she was full of herself. always taking over people's conversations .

Mara, Nurse on rescue party that speaks Rihannsu. He was intrigued by her. How did she learn his native tongue? He was tempted to go to medical to see if he could talk to her.

Rekk'las, Klingon Bartender, had given him the chance to work in his bar -12 Forward. Though she seemed

very private about her personal life he had discovered that she came from a fractured warrior clan and believed that she was responsible for it collapse as a legitimate power in the Empire.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Judy Baker worked in transporter room two and frequented 12 forward with her friend from the shuttlebay, Specialist Emma Smith. Smith was the deck officer in charge of shuffling the shuttles around  and keeping them in service. Both women excelled at their jobs and enjoyed old cinema especially Dr Wh. It was Judy who recommended Ruwan come down to 12 forward in the first place. 

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