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"Razzing the Helmsman"

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Lieutenant j.g. T'Radt
[Stardate ]

"Razzing the Helmsman"
By Lt. j.g. T'Radt

The mess hall was filled wit the usual suspects for this time of the evening.  Alpha shift had ended two hours ago. Lieutenant J.g. sat with a couple of the other junior officers. In front of him was a plate of fish, lightly cooked and unseasoned. He also had a bowl-cup of milk.

"are you really going to eat that," asked Lt. j.g. Benning, from the engineering department. "That smells awful."

"The smell is all in the beholder," T'Radt replied, snagging the poece of fish with one of his claws. He bit off a piece of it before letting it drop back to the plate.

"Still haven't figured out silverware," Ensign JObe, the gamma shift helmsman asked.

T'Radt extended his paws slighty for Jobe to see. "Could you hold a fork with these," he asked. "Besides,... " He extended two claws. "These do just fine."

"So what do you think of that new science officer," Benning asked in a saucy manner, raising his eyebrows.

"She's nice," T'Radt replied.

"Nice?" JObe asked. "Just nice? A female Caitian comes aboard and she's just nice?" Benning laughed.

T'Radt's ears slid back slightly in annoyance. "What do you expect me to say, that I'm dying to find when she goes in heat?" This drew a laugh and some light pushing on each other from the other two. "Seriously? Kind of cubbish even for you two."

Jobe started laughing even more. Benning had a good natured look on his face. "We're just looking out for you, Buddy. We know it's been awhile for you."

"Oh and like you two are scoring big numbers?" T'Radt jibed in return. This brought ahearty laugh and pointing from Jobe at Benning.

"What are you laughing so hard about, JObe," Benning griped good-naturedly. "I haven't really seen a lot on your social calendar either."

"You two are crazy, you know that," T'Radt said as he speared the fish and sliced it apart with the claw on his left paw. He then took one of the chunks and ate it. "I don't even know why I put up with you."

"Because you love us," Benning joked.

"But not as much as Ensign T'Merrow," Jobe chimed in quickly.

While T'Radt forced his ears back, showing irritation, his tail looped, showing he found it humorous. "I'd rather we pick you you, JObe."

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