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The brave crew of the USS Excelsior posts their official duty logs and creative personal logs along with intriguing stories for history to review. Excel Website
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  Lieutenant j.g. T'Radt, SD
Helm Duty Log, SD: 201810.20
Helm Duty Log, Stardate 201810.20
Lieutenant j.g. T'Radt recording.

The ship is still enroute to Starbase 295. We are holding warp 8 and will be there within the next day. There has not baan a lot to report on, save the minor adjustments I did to avoid  some stellar eddies. I extend a nod of approval to Commander Wolfe. The engines have been performing magnificently and the helm is as responsive as as any ship I have flown. It makes my job entirely too easy Attached to thie recording are the navigation sensor logs for my shift..

End log.

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