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  Lieutenant jg Storak & Lieutenant Sierra Gar, SD
"Going For the Green... and More" JDL

“Going For the Green…… and More”

JDL: Lt. Gar & Lt.j.g. Storak


*This takes place roughly a day after "Chasing Answers, Not Sleep."


It was night time again. Sierra was in her quarters, asleep. She suddenly jolted awake with a start. "Of course," she murmured, as though a dream had unlocked a door in her mind. She knew what she needed to do.


"Computer," she called out. "Lights." The lights came up and she walked over to her computer terminal. She sat down and beginning to tap at it madly, examining the sensor records of the various green encounters the Excelsior had had. But this time, she wasn't looking at the spheres themselves. She was looking at the surrounding space. And then she thought she saw it. The pattern she'd been looking for.


She didn't know if the Excelsior's chief of science would be awake or not, but she didn't care. She tapped her communicator badge. "Lieutenant Gar to Lieutenant Storak."


Lieutenant junior grade Storak sat at the science console on the bridge of the U.S.S. Excelsior. He had been manning the overnight shift since Ensign T'Merrow reported aboard, giving the junior officer the bridge experience during alpha shift. He tapped his combadge.


"Storak here, go ahead, Lieutenant," the Vulcan said calmly.


Sierra's voice came through. She had clearly only been awake for a few minutes judging by the sound of sleep in her throat, but she spoke clearly. "Please report to my quarters. I need to consult with you regarding some sensor logs."


Storak raised abrow and glanced over his shoulder to the officer of the deck.  The lieutenant sitting in the captain's chair gave a brief nod. "I shall be right there, Lieutenant," Storak replied.  He logged out of his console and started for the turbo lift.


The journey only took five minutes before Storak was standing outside Gar's door ringing the chime. He stood stoicly awaiting permission to enter.


Sierra had thankfully had time to change in to her uniform by the time Storak had arrived, although her hair was still a complete mess from sleeping. Still, she would rather be in her uniform with bad hair than have good hair and only be in her night clothes. "Please come in," she said, her voice piked through the door intercom as she moved back to her desk and turned to face the door.


The science officer entered the quarters. He raised a brow and looked to Gar. "You requested my presence, Sir?"


Sierra nodded. "Yes Mr. Storak, thank you for being so prompt." She looked between the science officer and her computer terminal, which displayed an image of the green sphere the Excelsior had recently encountered. She pointed. "Lieutenant. Do you recognize what that is?"


Storak moved further into the room so he could see the computer screen. "Of course, Lieutenant. That is the green bio-sphere which the crew of Starbase two-nine-five were found in, as well as the other refugees we had picked up and the one you were transferred to the planet within."


Sierra nodded once. "Tell me. Have you made any progress with an analysis of the thing? Progress of ANY kind?"


"as to what exactly it is about the green substance within the biosphere that maintains the life of the occupants," Storak said, "no, we have not.  We have not been able to gather enough of the substance to get a proper analysis of it. Is that the type of information you are seeking?"


Sierra shrugged. "As I said, any information of any kind. But look here. I think I may have found something of interest." She tapped at her terminal and brought up the readings she was studying earlier. Readings not of the sphere itself, but rather of the space surrounding it. "Because we were traveling at warp, I was able to track the sphere's movements as we drew closer. Look here." She pointed at some odd readings. Readings that differed from those of surrounding space. A strange type of radiation pattern, it looked like.


Storak nodded. "That is a by-product of the anomaly itself," he told her. "We have detected those same energy readings, only on a higher level in trails of the object." He tapped on the computer input. An image of the smooth, rock-looking object appeared. It showed a light computer-generated trail behind the object. The data showed the same readings as Gar had found with the sphere.


Sierra examined the trail, nodding slowly. "Tell me, Lieutenant. Do you see an opportunity here? If I can configure the sensors properly, I think we might, just might, be able to get a better fix on those trails. It may be possible to track the containment spheres from a further ways away, thus allowing us to seek them out more easily. But I'll need your help."


Sierra's facial expression suddenly seemed to change. She grew as hard as a rock. "I spent two years in one of those things. I don't know how many more are out there, but I think it's high time we found out. And I'm not giving up until I have a plan."


"While we have attempted to adjust the deflector dish to detect this energy," he said, "you will note the readings are low enough that we would almost have to be in the same star system as one of these biospheres to detect them. However, a fresh set of eyes on the project is always welcome."


Sierra nodded again. "Well then, Lieutenant. Pull up a chair. It looks like we have a few hours, or days, of work ahead of us. So we'd best get started."


Storak studied Sierra for a moment. "Might I ask you a question first, Lieutenant?"


Sierra gave Storak a curious look, raising a brow. "Please, feel free to speak freely. What's on your mind?"


"The majority of the beings whom have all been rescued from the biospheres have all been non-human. You are fully human, is that not correct?"


Sierra nodded slowly. "That's correct," she confirmed. She regarded Storak for a moment, thinking she knew where this line of questionning was going, but she couldn't be sure.


"I find it quite intriguing that you were released by the object," Storak said to her. "I wonder if we could also study that aspect of this whole mystery."


Sierra nodded casually. "Perhaps, eventually. But right now I think we should be more concerned with tracking these things down and freeing their... occupants. Perhaps, if we get the chance, we may find the answers to that question. But for now, in a strange way I'm grateful I am where I am because of this thing." She gestured at the screen.


"Of course," Storak agreed. He, too, then turned to the screen to get started.



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