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  Lieutenant Sierra Gar, SD
DL: Chasing Answers, Not Sleep
Login This log takes place a few hours after "Soothing the Dark Fear."
Sierra was restless. She had tried to sleep ever since returning to her quarters after spending hours talking with her long lost friend Chenna. She had tried to sleep, but eventually she rolled on to her side, and sighed.
"Computer... bring up the lights a little bit. Program 1. I need to see but not be blinded by the change."
The computer beeped and the lights over Sierra's head slowly brightened just a tad.
In her night clothes, really nothing more than a sleeping gown, she rolled out of bed and began to pace, talking to herself. She wasn't actually certain how long before they found her the Excelsior  had been looking for the Starbase 295 crew, but she intended to find out.
"I'm probably going to regret this in the morning, but what the hell? May as well put not being able to sleep to good use."
She walked over to the replicator and ordered the same tea she had drank with Chenna only hours ago. The replicator hummed quietly in compliance before the cup materialized, and she took it by the handle carefully.
Sierra walked over to her desk, sat down, and put the tea in front of her. She crossed her legs at the knees. "Computer, access recent sensor logs on the object the crew of Starbase 295 was retrieved from."
The computer beeped in acknowledgement and pulled up the data.
Sierra went over it. She drank her tea. She went over it some more and had some more tea. She was trying to get anything useful out of it, before she remembered another similar encounter.
"Computer. Search the Excelsior's database for a similar... container." She didn't know what to call it.
The computer pulled up those records. Sierra read through them and sighed. "Come on you stubborn little... I know you have secrets in you somewhere. There must be an avenue of attack I can pursue to find out what makes you tick, or at least move. It's high time we FOUND you, not just stumbled across you."
Sierra worked for a long while. The poor woman was getting nothing done except drinking more and more tea, getting more and more frustrated, and she had to admit, tired.
The Lieutenant surrendered almost two hours later after making no progress. "Alright," she muttered. "You win this round. But I'm not done with you yet. Not by a long shot."
Sierra put her now several empty cups of tea back into the replicator, watching them return to the nothingness from whence they came. She cleared her monitor and got back in bed.
"Computer," she instructed. "Lights off."
With that, the lights in Sierra's quarters went dark, covers were pulled up around a frustrated body, and Sierra drifted off to sleep.
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