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"Soothing the Dark Fear" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Captain Michael Holden & Lieutenant Sierra Gar
[Stardate ]


“Soothing the Dark Fear”

JPL: Lieutenant Gar & Lt. Commander zh'Thran (Holden)


(This takes place approximately 14 hours before "Counseling Session……”)

Sierra walked out of Captain Holden's ready room, and back to her station. The next couple of hours proved curious to her as first, Commander Lobren was called into the ready room, and then Dr. Harris showed up and went in taking the Brikar back in with her.


When alpha shift came to an end, Lt. Gar quicly filled in her replacement then rose to departt. . She knew she should probably turn in for the night, but she couldn't. Not yet. She glanced around the bridge, curious who was occupying the various stations before heading for the lift.


After a few moments the lift doors opened to her, allowing Sierra to go anywhere she wanted. But there was only one place she wanted to be right now... no, one place she HAD to be right now.


The doors closed behind her and Sierra allowed her mind to drift away for a moment, amused. She remembered, for the first time in twelve years, Chenna. But what she remembered to her own amusement and embarrassment, was how she could never, ever get her name right.

The computer rudely interrupted her train of thought with a quick trill and a message.


"You are delaying  the departure of this turbolift. Please state your destination."


Sierra laughed quietly, something she was starting to do, she realized, more and more frequently as of late. "Well, Chenna, lets see if I've learned anything in the twelve years since I last saw you," she quipped.


The computer beeped, confused. "Destination not recognized. Please restate."


Sierra shook her head, her amusement growing. "Of course not. Computers don't really recognized nicknames do they?"


The computer responded with another confused trill. "Please restate your query."


Sierra laughed and shook her head again. She didn't feel like educating the computer on what a nickname was, and for her sake how they were sometimes necessary.

She took a deep breath. "Computer, locate Lieutenant Commander..." she drew out Chenna's name as slowly as she could, hoping it wouldn't throw the poor, already confused and tortured computer off.




Lt. Commander Chennalert zh'Tharn, Chenna to her closer friends, was looking over information on the computer terminal in the quarters she had been provided by Excelsior's quartermaster.  She wanted to learn more about this mysterious object that had abducted the entire crew of an active starbase in so much of a blink of the eyes. She looked away from the terminal when she heard the door chime.  “Enter,” she said aloud.



Sierra walked in far enough to allow the door to close behind her and lifted a hand in a wave. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," she asked, looking this way and that at the quarters she now found herself in. She smiled at her long time not seen friend.


A wide smile came to the shen's face. “You?” zh'Thran asked. “Never! I was just doing some research on that thing that took us, and your crew from our posts.  I am glad they cound us before we had been set down on some strange planet.”


Zh'Thran rose from her chair. “Come in. Come in! Can I get you something to eat or drink?”


Gar shook her head and smiled. "No thanks," she said, stepping in. She watched her old friend for a moment.

"You were lucky. I'm not sure if you guessed it by now,, but... I spent two years in that thing. Then spent ten on some random planet with... most of the Taurino's crew. The Excelsior found me purely by chance six months ago. And... well here I am, I suppose. Stronger than I've ever been." She hugged her friend and smirked. "And yes, quite different, now. Being out of action for so long taught me a lot."


“It must have,” sh'Thran said with an impressed tone. “Jumped two ranks since you came back on duty…… Very impressive. Making up for lost time?'


Zh'Thran moved over to the replicator. She ordered up a pot of krellan tea and some snacks, She put them on the small table and motioned for Sierra to come sit at the table.  There were two cups on the tray, and zh'Thran filled one of them for herself.


Sierra smirked softly. "You know me. I don't stay down for long. But... adjusting was a bit strange."

She sighed, suddenly looking uncomfortable. She had almost always been the painfully honest type, but the look she gave Chenna, who could read her like a book, seemed to hint that she wanted to say something but she wasn't sure she should.

She poured herself some tea. Sierra wasn't really thirsty, but thought it might relax her as the Lieutenant felt herself tense again.


Krellan tea,” zh'Thran said. She took one of the small crackers from the snack tray and put some of the light blue spread on it. “It always relaxes me when I have something on my mind.” She looked to Sierra expectantly and took a bite of the cracker.


"Like I said," Sierra began. "You know me pretty damn well. Hard to believe you can still read me so well after a dozen years."

She lifted the tea to her lips and sipped. "I originally came here to check up on you. But..." she trailed off. "It's good to see you again. Thing is, I didn't know if I ever would. When we landed... for all intents and purposes, I had to leave my life behind. As much as I didn't want to, there was no room to dwell on what was. Survival was all that mattered. And my rescue came just as quickly as the disaster itself. So I had to readjust."

She shrugged. "...Like I said, it's good to see you again. There's a lot happening in the moment, and it's nice to know I have my old anchor back."


Sierra watched Chenna's face for a reaction. She wanted to explain more, what was going on, but didn't want to overload her friend during their first time alone since twelve years ago.


The Andorian zhen's antennae twirled animatedly. This was always a good indicator of zh'Thran's mood. She picked up another cracker and put the spread on it. “C'mon Sierra,” she said before taking abite. “Tell me what's really going on? Does it have anything to do with this thing that tooks us and left us in green goop?


Sierra shook her head. "How much did you know about the Excelsior before you were taken?" Sierra asked.


The Andorian's antennae came forward. “About the Excelsior?” she asked, confused.  “Nothing really. I mean, I may have seen it related in a file about one thing or another, but ……” She shook her head. “…… nothing specific. Why?”


Sierra lifted her tea and took a drink. "We keep a telepathic wolf on board. His name is Maverick. He told us where to find you after making contact with one of your people." Sierra paused. "But he also gave me a warning. He said he saw two of me. One good, one evil."


Sierra sighed and shrugged. "I'm not sure what's coming but I have a bad feeling about it. It's just hard to swallow, y'know?"


Zh'Thran's antennae were full forward and totally still, indicating the Andorian's attentiveness to Gar's tale. She nodded slowly. “I do know. It all seems rather daunting. A telepathic wolf? How reliable is it, or rather he?”



"Reliable enough that he is more or less considered a member of the crew," Sierra said, adding, "He is permitted on the bridge with no fuss as well. Good to have on hand."


Zh'Thran seemed really intrigued by this. “Allowed on the bridge, you say? I would love to meet him, especially if he is responsible for our rescue. But, we can talk about him later. Now, it's about you.  Do you have any inkling, at all, what this good and evil you can mean?”



Sierra shook her head. "Not a clue. It's all he said. I don't know what's going to happen, or when. But I'm not letting this warning change anything at the moment. It's business as usual as far as I'm concerned. We know something will happen. Hopefully that's the warning we need. But worrying about it... won't do much good. I just wanted to talk to a friend about it, see if I could figure anything out for myself."


“And have  you?” th'Thran asked , her antennae resumed moving about easily. “Figured anything out?”


Sierra shook her head, shrugged, then smiled before she responded. "Only that it's wonderful to see you again, Chenna."

She took another sip of tea, finishing it off. By now, the tension seemed to have left her as she regarded her friend. She couldn't help but feel that this was just like old times.


Zh'Thran  refilled her cup and then Sierra's. “I am so beside myself seeing you again, Sierra. I can't tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep thinking the Borg had taken you.”


The two talked for a couple more hours, before diciding it was time to turn in. They both promised to have at least dinner together each night until the ship reached Starbase 295.


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