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  Lieutenant Zachary Zuniga & Commander Stacey Harris, SD
Counseling Follow-Up: Neither Hot nor Cold, Just….Normal

Counseling Follow-Up: Neither Hot nor Cold, Just…€….Normal

JDL: Commander Stacey Bones Harris and Lt Zachary Zuniga

Dr. Stacey Bones Harris strolled into Counselor Zuniga's office. He had to admit, she looked better physically, and mentally than she had in weeks. He just hoped it wasn't another act.

“Hiya Counselor,” the doctor warmly greeted. Then they engaged in an awkward handshake-hug thing. She was a hand-shaker normally, but a hug seemed appropriate after what they had been through together. She sat down and adopted an easy and relaxed countenance without any prodding. “I hope you got some rest, Counselor. I know I did. I also hope that this session goes better than our last- although truth be told, I don't remember a whole lot of it...which is probably a good thing,” she grimaced.

Zuniga looked at her, "You probably won't like what I have to say, but here goes.  I'm going against regs and my better judgement- but I will keep what happened in my lab out of your permanent record, and make no note of it in your file.  On one condition that is. You've got to give up all forms of recreational substance use. Including, but not limited to: your precious brandy, whiskey, Romulan Ale, and of course Felicium."

Bones nodded, “Deal. That's more than I could ask for, honestly. I also saw the captain and Lobren yesterday, and apologized to them for being such an ass lately. “

Zach tried to keep the surprise he felt from showing in his face.  He was sure that he was going to get push-back from the CMO and she shocked him by agreeing immediately

"Fabulous!  Then as of today, you're back to full duty.  I'd like to see you weekly for a few weeks but your don't need to come in for formal meetings, I can catch up with you for a cup of coffee in 12-Forward or when I drop in to see Mara."

Bones smiled, “great, I'm very much looking forward to full sickbay duty. I completed all of my nursery school hours. Coffee sounds good, but let's keep formal meetings weekly here too, if you don't mind. It probably will be good to talk in private and just chat about stuff.”

Zach wondered who this body-snatching alien was that replaced his CMO, and again struggled to keep his emotions off his face and out of his reply. He nodded.

"That works too." He winked.  "I was just trying to get more time with my main squeeze.  I might just have to stop in more frequently anyway. Unless you feel like having a chat now, you're good. To go, back to work that is."

Bones stood up, “I'm good. Really I am. In fact, I'm so ok it's a little scary. Hopefully there's not another shoe to drop. Stop by sickbay anytime. I figure Mara put in a lot of  unscheduled overtime lately, so she's due some breaks every now and then. I'll see you next week, same time if it works for you.” She shook his hand, “I really appreciate everything. Probably more than you'll ever truly know.” She turned to leave.

“You're welcome.” He added simply as she left.  You know…€… he thought to himself. It may have taken  me eight years, but I think I'm actually getting the hang of this counseling stuff.


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