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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"The Flu Aftermath" JPL Lobren/Holden

Ex”The Flu Aftermath”

JPL: Captain Holden, Dr. (Bones) Harris, Commander Lobren


The Ready Room Doors opened and Commander Lobren and Deputy Maverick were stepping out and nearly bowled over the Chief Medical Officer who had her hand up ready to ring the chime. "Same old Lobrick, not looking where he's going, a menace to society as usual," her words were belied by her friendly tone and smile, though; and Zarian thought that the doctor looked less troubled than she had in weeks. It was a welcome sight. She shooed he and Mav back into the ready room. "Don't leave yet, you might as well stay for this too." The three of them re-entered the captain's office, and Bones started speaking as soon as the doors closed. "Excuse me, Captain," she said as he looked up from his desk.

     She cleared her throat, "I just wanted to let you know that I've completed my 48 hours in the nursery school, and will be meeting with Counselor Zuniga tomorrow to see what he thinks about me getting back to sickbay full time. I also wanted to...well, I guess apologize for being such a pain in the ass lately, if you'll pardon the expression, sir. Motherhood threw me for more of a loop than I had anticipated it would, and I guess I didn't deal well. I'm adjusting, now though...," she glanced at Lobren, "with the help of good friends. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I know that there's a lot going on right now onboard, and I shouldn't have taken either of your attention away from important ship matters by acting so unprofessional. There will be no more fighting or drinking or name-calling or disrespect or other infractions anymore. I appreciate the support throughout the last few weeks, and I'm sorry I took advantage of that courtesy. Well, that was a long-winded way of saying sorry, thank you, and I'm back," she grinned sheepishly.


Commander Zarian Lobren stood alongside Dr. Harris and listened to her go on. He was relieved to hear the clarity in her voice. Even Maverick could sense the difference as he nuzzled his nose to Bones' hand.


“I have seen the report from the nursery, Doctor,” Holden replied. “I also accept your apology, and I do understand the strain you have been under through the pregnancy and beyond. I am glad to see you are recovered from your…€… flu,…€…” He let the word hang there a moment to let her know that he was well aware of things that went on aboard his ship. “ and I do hope you now realize we are all here to help one another. We all have our own issues from time to time and the only way we can truly get through them is with help from our family. And, I do believe you can look to people like Commander Lobren and your own staff in that capacity.”


Bones grimaced at his flu comment, does everyone on the blasted ship know I got shi*-faced the other night? Still, she replied evenly, "yes sir, thank you, sir."


Lobren watched the captain's expressions. It did surprise him that Holden knew what was going on, but then again, maybe not. As the two of them exchanged a brief glance, he could see the unasked question, “Why didn't you tell me?” in his commanding officer's eyes. The Brikar remained still.


You're welcome, Stacey,” Holden said warmly, looking back to his chief medical officer. “How are George and Gracie? I have to get back down to see them.”


Bones smiled back, “they're doing well. Gaining weight now, which is good. Gracie spit up A LOT on Ltjg Varok this morning which was epically funny.”


Holden chuckled and Lobren made a “hmmph” noise in amusement. “I can see him raising the eyebrow now,” Holden commented.


“That be …€Â˜bout all ya'd see from th' kid,” Lobren commented. “He don' let much things rattle him.”


Bones nodded and agreed with a smile, “indeed. He's a good egg...well, if you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to head out and call Counselor Zuniga to get an appointment. With a little luck, he will be able to see me tomorrow, and I'll be back to sickbay full time the next day.” She held up her crossed fingers. With a quick salute, she left the ready room. Once the doors closed, Captain Holden turned to Commander Lobren, wondering if he now had anything to say about the “flu” or anything else. He raised his brows


“With ever'thing ya had goin', Sir,” Lobren said to him, “I didn' wanna bother ya with this one. I was confident that b'tween me an' her staff we could get her…€… over th flu.”


Captain Holden studied the Brikar for a moment. Finally he asked, “Do you and I still have trust issues, Commander?”


“Not at all, Sir,” Lobren answered quickly and evenly. “Ta be honest, Sir, I didn' even tell Josh…€… Cap'n Trellis.”


Holden nodded thoughtfully. The last fact seemed to change his demeanor. “Okay, Commander. I trust your judgement in this and am glad it all worked out.”


“As am I, Sir,” Lobren admitted. “Anythin' else?”


“No,” Holden said evenly. “Dismissed.”


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