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  Commander Zarian Lobren & Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Premonition Definition" JDL

“Premonition Definition”

JDL: Captain Holden & Commander Lobren


Captain Holden to Commander Lobren,” came the captain's voice over Lobren's combadge. The Brikar brought his hand up and tapped the device.


“Lobren here, go ahead, Sir,” Lobren replied.


Could you and Maverick report to my ready room?”


“Ayye, Sir,” Lobren acknowledged. “We'll be right there.” He tapped the device off then signaled for the replacement tactical officer to take his place. Maverick was already standing, his tail wagging slightly. The two crossed the bridge and rang the chime for the ready room.


“Enter<” Holden said, looking up from his desk as the security chief and his deputy entered. “Thank you for coming so quickly, Commander.”


“Not a problem, Sir,” Lobren said, crossing the room to infront of the captain's desk. “What can we do fer ya?”


Captain Holden explained the meeting he had with Lieutenant Gar earlier and the premonition Maverick had revealed to her. “Had he mentioned it to you at all?” he further asked.


“No he didn', Sir,” Lobren answered. He looked down to the white wolf. “What about it, Mav?”


~~Did not feel it my place,~~ Maverick sent back. ~~What Lieutenant Gar related to the captain was accurate. A fleeting glimpse of the lieutenant, one good, one evil.~~


Lobren relayed the wolf's telepathic message to the captain. Holden nodded, not letting his dismay that the wolf was still not tructing him enough to directly send the telepathic to him. “Deputy, was there anything more specific you could remember about the image?”


Maverick sat beside the Brikar. After the captain had posed the question to him, the wolf seemed to be staring off into space for a long moment, then he turned his head to Lobren.


“He says yes. The women he saw seemed older,” Lobren relayed. “He couldn't see any uniforms or anything like that, jus' th'  two women.”


“One of these days I will earn your trust, Maverick,” Holden said directly to the wolf. “Is it possible that one of the women you saw was from an alternate universe?”


Maverick lifted his chin ever sol slightly. His black orb eyes were fixed on the captain. ~~Trust is earned, Captain.~~ the wolf sent to the captain and to Lobren. ~~It was not for me to assume you  would accept direct telepathic contact. It is possible one of them was from an alternate universe, but the fleeting impression I received did not reveal such information.~~


A slight smile played across Holden's face. To finally be accepted by the wolf after all this time on the ship, as silly as it sounded, made him feel good.


“Mav?” Lobren questioned. “I've never known ya ta have premonitions b'fore. I know under th' right conditions ya can somehow sense the supernatural, but not premonitions. What gives?”


Maverick's ears came forward and he tilted his head. ~~Uncertain,~~ he projected to both Lobren and the captain. ~~It did come as soon as we were in close proximity to the green mass. Perhaps because I was still in contact with Ensign Tavek, whose own abilities had been heightened by the green substance he ws floating in.~~


“Do you know if Ensign Tavek saw the image as well?” Holden asked.


~~I do not.~~


The captain nodded and then sighed.


“I think if he had, Sir,” Lobren interjected, “that he woulda said somethin' when Lieutenant Gar showed up at Cargo Bay 2.”


“A good point,” Holden conceded. He looked at Maverick. “So, we have quite a mystery going here. I'm not going to simply dismiss this because it is the second sensation you have had about Lt. Gar. If you have any further sensations or premonitions, please let Commander Lobren and myself know as soon as you can.”


~~Understood,~~ Maverick sent with an ever-so-slight nod of his head.


“Do you have any comments or suggestions at this time, Commander?”


“No, Sir, I don't,” Lobren replied.


Holden nodded again, wishing he had a better idea of what was coming, He also really wished Taz was back. She might have been able to see Maverick's premonitions, but there was one other he could possibly talk to.


“Thank you both,” Holden said to Lobren and Maverick. “We will definitely have to be diligent if there is any possibility we are dealing with an alternate universe version of our operations officer. For now…… dismissed.”


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