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  Lieutenant j.g. Varok, SD
"After the Cool Down" JDL

“After the Cool Down”

JPL: Dr. Stacey (Bones) Harris, Counselor Zuniga, Nurse Mara, Lt.j.g. Varok


This takes place 9 hours after Starting to Cool...



    Nurse Mara, Counselor Zuniga, and Lt jg Varok had the lab cleaned up within a couple of hours. Mara consoled Zach with a lot of touching and kind words while they trashed broken items and tried to smooth over dents. What he did today for her boss went a long way for her being even more into him...and she told him how sweet he was. Varok stayed quiet during all of this, and just helped them get the lab back in order. While they were organizing, they told Varok the whole story. He was surprised about a lot of it, but none more than the fact that he himself didn't notice. He supposed he should chalk it up to the doctor uncharacteristically avoiding him of late so he wouldn't notice...plus she has always been kind of quirky, and he didn't fully understand her when she was herself. His Vulcan side told him it was illogical to think he should have known.


    A few minutes before the first IV bag was empty, it beeped it's insistence to be replaced. Mara ran over there and changed it out. The doctor had been sleeping, albeit a bit fitfully, the whole time and no one wanted her to wake up...for all of their sakes. After that, Varok insisted they both go get some rest, and he would stand watch and change out the solution once more in 3 hours time. He did that, and the couple came back about 5 hours later. He informed them that the doctor was doing well, hadn't woken up at all, and seemed to be sleeping much more peacefully now. They offered for Varok to go take a rest but he declined. Vulcans didn't need as much sleep, and he thought he should wait to see how Dr. Harris was when she awoke.


    When the last IV bag emptied. Mara took it down and then they waited. They were talking in hushed tones on the other side of the lab when the monitor signaled Bones' wakefulness. Mara hurried over, "well good morning, sleepyhead. How do you feel?" Bones blinked her eyes trying to remember and take stock of her situation. Ltjg Varok came over to assist her in sitting up a little when it was obvious that is what she was going to do. Dr. Harris looked at Mara and Varok in front of her, and Zach standing a little behind them. They were obviously waiting for an answer on how she felt so she tried to oblige them, "hmmm, how do I feel? Well...like I got hit by a shuttle craft, to be frank. Tired, embarrassed, sore...thirsty like I have cotton in my mouth...um, but grateful because I feel like myself, and like I never want to go through that again or touch anything like that ever again...oh, did I mention tired and embarrassed??"


Mara resisted the urge to lay on a guilt trip and instead reached beyond her comfort zone and offered Bones a quick hug.  "Glad to have you back boss."


Zach also held his tongue.  "No need to feel embarrassed, you had a problem, we helped you solve it.  'Nuff said."


Bones nodded, reddened, “well I don't know how how long it will take to make it up to you guys, but I'll try. I'm sincerely grateful. I don't remember a lot, but I remember enough.” She looked back to Varok and noticed his new pips, “I see I even missed a promotion, congrats Lt. Sorry you got dragged into this too,” she yawned.


“Thank you for the accolade, Dr. Harris,” Varok replied. “I must apologize that I was not diligent enough to have prevented this all from occurring in the first place. There is obviously much more I need to learn from you.”


Bones waved his apology off, “please. I have years of practice of being bad and covering it up. I'm a fairly good actress...to a point.” She yawned again. “Listen, if everyone doesn't mind, I think I just need to throw up and then go back to sleep for a bit. I can barely keep my eyes open. Can someone let sickbay and Josh know that I'll be another couple of hours, please?” She laid back and closed her eyes.


Mara looked at Varok.  “I guess you're on the hook for this one.  Zach and I are supposed to be the sick ones, it would break our cover if one of us made the calls."


Her words were punctuated by Dr. Harris' light snores as the doctor was already sleeping again. This would present a complex problem in logic for the young lieutenant- how to make the calls without telling the whole truth but without lying. Varok chose to contact Captain Trellis first.


Deciding to do a face to face discussion with the CMO's husband, Varok had the computer chime the comm terminal in their quarters. He waited patiently for the man to answer.


“Good evening, Captain,” Varok said easily as the other man's image appeared on the screen. “I am calling to notify you that Dr. Harris' return to your quarters will be delayed a couple more hours.” 


Former Captain Joshua Trellis' first instinct was to be angry because this was such a common occurrence these days, but then he realized to whom he was talking to. If Varok was calling, then this was obviously a sickbay issue...either his wife was working an emergency, or...."Why? Is everything ok- is she ok??" He sat closer to the terminal. Mara and Zach stood behind the monitor and wondered how Varok would handle this...


Suddenly Mara moaned loudly, then coughed.  "Dr. Harris, I think I'm feeling well enough to sit up."  More coughing could be heard. "OH fudge, Zach is going to kill me for infecting him....why is he still asleep? Doctor? Varok?  Anybody?"   She finished the off-camera performance with another round of melodramatic coughing.


Bones barely stirred at all at the commotion and Varok raised his eyebrow. How does he get himself into these plights?


His face quickly took on his usual neutral countenance as he looked back to the screen. “Yes, Captain,” he told Trellis. “She is fine, actually better than she has been for days. I have just requested her to remain a while longer while we deal with this medical situation. She actually agreed to get a bit of rest while we watch the treatment in its progression.”


Trellis nodded, “Well that's good. I'm glad she's resting then, Lt. I don't think she's slept much as of late. I hear her walking the quarters all night. I hope everyone there feels better.”


"Varok. is that you?  I need to get up.  My bleeping rear end is getting a crease in it from all this sleeping!"  Mara called out.


The Vulcan let out a sigh. He nodded to Captain Trellis. “Thank you, Sir, both for your well wishes and your understanding. Varok out.” He touched the console and Trellis' image disappeared. He looked to Mara. “How does that Terran saying go?... …˜FYI, Nurse.'”















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