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  Lieutenant Sierra Gar & Commander Zarian Lobren, SD
When the Looking Glass Breaks... Part 4
The intruder alert was the last thing anyone wanted to hear as Harris and his boarding parties beamed in all over the Excelsior.


Tane frowned as she relayed the number of soldiers who beamed in, about twenty or so.


Sierra sighed heavily, muttering, "Just can't catch a break, can we?" Then she tapped the comm panel and piped what she was about to say to the ship at large.

"All hands, this is the first officer. Report to your nearest weapons locker and arm yourselves. The Excelsior has been boarded by hostile forces. I repeat, report to your nearest weapons locker and arm yourselves. The Excelsior has been boarded by hostile forces. This is not a drill. This, is not, a drill. We have reason to believe the intruders are interested in data relevant to the quantum slipstream drive, or the technology itself, so be on your guard. Gar out."


She closed the channel and stared at the view screen. All she could do now, was wait. The wait was not long at all.


Phaser fire erupted almost immediately after she had closed the  intercom. The first two shots took out the guards posted on the bridge, and then down went the tactical officer. Two  of the four intruders moved to secure the other stations by forcing the officers there up and out of their seats.


Lt. Harris almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw who was sitting in the command chair, but then a sinister smile came to his face. “Oh, Captain,” he said through a sneer, “this is too good to be true.” He walked down to the command area, his phaser pointed directly at Gar the entire time. “It never fails to amaze me that your Starfleet doesn't make it mandatory for your bridge officers to be armed, but it does make it easy for me……,…… “ He looked at her pips to be sure of the rank. “…… Commander Gar.”


It's good to see that your kind hasn't changed as well." Sierra looked up at the weapon in Harris's hand. Then she looked down at herself and smirked. "But I don't need a weapon. I have this."

And she whispered, "Computer, security one."

A forcefield, almost a shield really, snapped into place around Gar and all the consoles went dark. Somehow, the bridge was now on lockdown. Sierra lifted her head carefully. The field allowed her very little movement. "I told your... Captain, that she wasn't going to get this ship. And she won't."


It was about this time that the other boarding party had managed to secure Engineering. They had complete access to the systems. The primary purpose of this whole expedition everyone knew, was to find out whatever they could about the slipstream drive. Or, retrieve it for themselves. And party number two informed Harris they were in a position to do just that. Any... fun... the party wanted to have, would not be objected to, but this wasn't simply a killing party. Everyone knew what they came for.


“Very nice play, Commander,” Harris said slyly. “But, how long can you sit behind that forcefield, and…… “ He motioned to one of his men who grabbed the science officer and held his phaser to the side of her head. “…… how much do you value your crew? We have the rest of the ship, well the main areas we need, so do the smart thing, turn over the bridge. I really don't want to kill anyone today, but,…… well……” He hiked his thumb over his shoulder to the officer holding the Excelsior officer. “…… Brevers does.”

Sierra did not move. She simply looked at Harris. "Suppose I do," she queried. "What will you do then? Furthermore, how do I know you will keep your word and leave the rest of this crew, from this point on, unharmed?"


“What we are going to do,” Harris told her, “will be up to my captain. As far as my word, You will have to trust that I will not kill you all just as sure as I will order the death of that pretty science officer if you do not. It is my job to secure this ship, and that I will do, with or without your compliance.” Harris offered her a smile, though it was far from a nice one, and the look in his eyes showed his commitment to his duty.



Sierra seemed to mull things over for a moment. She was starting to form a plan. She silently wondered if the crew of the Horizon actually knew where they were. They were not in their own universe. But then the question became how they came into the Prime universe. Was it intentional? By accident? Did they even know? She was about to take a rather large risk. She knew the comm array was still online. If she could get a message out to Starfleet, transmit their sensor data on the Horizon, they might have a chance to salvage this situation.

Sierra made a show of resignation. "Very well," she sighed.

Everyone on the Starfleet crew who could move their heads turned to look at Gar. Even Tane did out of instinct, which caused the Horizon crew member with the weapon against her head to tap her with the business end in a not so friendly manner.

Sierra ignored the looks.

"Computer, security program zero. Authorization... Gar, alpha six six tango four seven."

The forcefield around Gar faded, and the surrounding consoles came back to life. Sierra looked to Harris expectantly.


“”Good to see you come to your senses,” Harris said.  He gestured with his phaser for her to get out of the command chair and move to the front of the bridge.  The other Mirror officers moved their prisoners to stand with Gar in front of the helm station.


Harris sat in the command chair and started entering commands into the arm console.  He then tapped another control.  With his eyes now locked on Commander Gar, he said aloud, “Lt. Harris to Horizon.”


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