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  Captain Michael Holden, Commander Carishai, Lieutenant Sierra Gar, SD
"Reunion From the Green" JDL

“Reunion From the Green”

JDL: Commander Carishai, Lt. Gar, Lt. Commander zh'Thran ( Ensign Tavek (both played by Holden)


*In cargo bay 2, the beings that had been rescued were all standing around naked and confused. Excelsior crewmen were now rushing with coveralls, handgun them out to each of the rescued crew. There were beings from quite a few of the Federation membership worlds. Ensign Tavek pulled on the coveralls handed to him and was ushered to one of the hastily placed portable bio-beds to be checked out.  He looked around, hoping to see one of the ones who had made contact with him.

Cari approached the man who was looking around as if he expected to see a certain person.  "Hello." She said with a smile. "I'm Cmdr Carishai, the XO of the Excelsior.   I couldn't help but notice you seemed to be searching for a face in the crowd.  Can I help you?"

Tavek studied Cari for a moment. “You are not the one that I was in contact with.” He suddenly realized his faux pas and straightened, if that were possible. “I am Ensign Tavek, science officer aboard Starbase 295. Thank you for coming to our rescue.


Cari chuckled.  "Don't worry about standing on ceremony Ensign Tavek, we've been searching for you for quite sometime and everyone is relieved to have found you.  If there is a specific crew member you'd like for me to contact on your behalf, I'd be happy to do so.



Lieutenant Sierra Gar made her way out of the turbolift car and walked in to the cargo bay, sighing quietly as she looked about. She thought, ~~Now to find somewhere I can help.~~


Tavek looked over to the new arrival. He concentrated a moment, then decided it wasn't the one either.  He looked back to Cari. “I am certain I will meet up with whomever it was that had made contact with me that enabled your ship to find us, Commander.  Again, I thank you and your captain.”


Cari nodded in understanding, "Do you want something to eat or drink before your debriefing?" She asked him before being distracted by the reunion unfolding nearby.

Not too far away, an Andorian female was pulling on her coveralls.  She looked over to Lieutenant Gar as she had entered. “Sierra?” The Andorian Zhen asked.  She shook her head again. Louder, so the other woman could hear her she

said, “Sierra? Sierra Gar? Is that really you?”


Sierra heard her name from somewhere. She didn't recognize the voice at first. She blinked, looking confused as she turned her head. Then she walked over to the woman who had spoken to her. "Yes, it's me..."

She trailed off, studying the figure for a moment, looking blank before the shock of who was looking at her hit her in the face like a brick. Sierra attempted to manage maintaining a calm exterior. She tried, but failed, to keep a strait face as the shock of seeing this person wore off.


The Lieutenant broke into a grin. "Chenna!"


Lt. Commander Chennalert )Chenna) zh'Thran opened her arms and pulled Sierra close to her. She knew of course that Sierra was not always comfortable with close contact, but didn't care. Her voice was close to breaking down as she said, “I thought you were dead. So many years it has been. The ship I was on was the Hintqua and we were supposed to rendezvbous with the Taurino. Then your ship didn't show and we couldn't raise you. We were sure the Borg had gotten to you all first.”


Tears streamed down the Shen's face as she held Gar tightly. They had been so close at the academy, both on the science track and both having such profound dreams of what discoveries they would make in their careers. She finally pulled away, her antennae circling excitedly.  “We will have to catch up after I speak with your captain. “ She looked around the cargo bay at the other officers rescued. “I think I am the ranking officer among this group.”


Cari couldn't help smiling.  She sometimes worried that Lt Gar kep to herself too much.  The younger woman was also rescued after being left on a barely habitable world by the same unknown species.  Perhaps rescuing her friend would help her become less insular.


"That looks like a happy reunion!" She looked back at Tavek.  "Lt Gar was taken from her ship and left on a planet by the same specie who captured your crew.  We found her and her companions a while back."


Ensign Tavek raised an eyebrow, studying Lt. Gar. “That is most interesting,” he replied. “I should like to sit and talk with her once we have been cleared for duty once again.”


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