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  Lieutenant Zachary Zuniga, Commander Stacey Harris, Ensign Varok, Ensign Varok, SD
Starting to Cool….JDL: Commander Stacey “Bones” Harris, Lt Zach Zuniga, Lt j.g. Varok and Nurse Mara

Starting to Cool…….

JDL: Commander Stacey “Bones” Harris, Lt Zach Zuniga, Lt j.g. Varok and Nurse Mara

NOTE:  We continue to cover the sensitive subject of Dr. Harris' drug addiction & recovery.  While the tone is somewhat light hearted, we are well aware that substance abuse can be dead serious. The story and "cure" as depicted is fiction but if you, or anyone you know, may be in need of help for a drug dependency, SAMHSA's National Helpline “ 1-800-662-HELP (4357) is available to provide referrals and other assistance in the U.S.24/7.

(These events occur right after the events of the last sim)

Dr. Stacey Bones Harris was wearing a hole in the floor of poor Counselor Zach Zuniga's botany lab with her pacing. Once Mara and Bones were able to synthesize the formula for a quicker flush-out and detox from Felicium, Bones put her nurse to work straight away on mixing up a few batches. Mara was currently on her way to sickbay per the CMO's orders to get 3 bags of saline and electrolytes, a shot of stokaline, one more shot of tri ox, 1 cc of cordrazine, and hopefully a strong sedative.

The doctor continued to frantically spout out orders, "When she gets back, she needs to make 3 IV bags, that should be enough...on a 3 hour drip for each. Do you have a cot? I need a cot."  Bones stopped pacing for a second and then shed all her outer layers of clothing. She went down to a black tank top and her underwear. "Geesh, Zach, don't look at me like that, Mr. Disapproval. If you have a pair of shorts, I will wear them, but my damn uniform is soaked and it is hot as Vulcan in here! What is taking her so long? Maybe I should go to sickbay myself and get what I need!" She made a beeline for the door.

Zach ignored her assessment of his reaction, knowing that it was likely that her words were her disease speaking.  He had no doubt whatsoever that it was truly a disease coursing through her veins -- even though she had initially taken the Felicium willingly; by now the drug had burned away her ability to think straight and make valid choices,  His hand shot out and gripped her shoulder. "You need to stay here. But good news - I have a cot. More importantly, I have a three-stage de-con shower unit. Strip down and jump in. I'll get you some coveralls for when you're done, Oh, you might find alternating between cold and warm water showers work best, it will allow your capillaries to expand and contract, letting you feel cool longer."  He showed her the shower controls. "Get started and I'll see about hurrying up Mara. Oh yeah, singing in the shower will help you feel cooler too."

He exited, feeling only a tad guilty about his last comment. Singing wouldn't do anything to help her cool down, but it probably would distract her and also insure she stayed in the shower longer.

Bones nodded, he sounded sure of his course of action and who was she to argue? A real shower with cool water did sound good. So she hopped in the shower and let the cool water run over her. “Yeah that's pretty awesome.” She then started singing Christmas carols. Although she forgot the words of Rudolph half way through, she noticed that there was an eye wash protruding from the wall. Zach's lab had everything. Good for him. She thought it looked crooked though, and he was being so nice, she should fix it for him. So she spent the next 10 minutes in a cool shower, singing holiday music, and taking apart an eye wash station.

Mara rushed back in her arms laden.  She poured the items out onto the lab table.  "Whew, I was sure she would be out here pacing like a caged tiger and madder than one. I had to dodge Greene -- twice.  I'm afraid he's getting suspicious. Let me mix these...wait? IS she singing in the shower? How did you? Never mind, let me do all the prep before she's out and in a biting mood."

Zach kissed Mara on the forehead.  "She and I are both lucky to have you.  I've got to find her some coveralls and I think some cold-compresses would be a good idea."

They both looked up when they heard a pipe clang on the ground and heard water gushing. Zach rolled his eyes at the state of his lab. Bones came out grinning with just a towel on. “I fixed it for you,” she said triumphantly. The eye wash station was now in pieces with the main pipe squirting water Into the room. “Now if we get too hot we can just go in here. Like when we were kids in the sprinklers. Did you have sprinklers? I did. It was great.”

Zach rushed in to try to stop the "sprinkling" gusher as now Mara rolled her eyes. She pointed to the coveralls.  "Put those on boss. I am going to start mixing up the first batch of your potion."

About 30 minutes later had Bones pacing the lab, swearing like a sailor, sweating like a construction worker, and basically causing destruction in Zach's lab. She'd broken 3 beakers, dented the trash can, and was currently kicking at the wall and scrubbing her head.

Mara looked at Zach, "This isn't working fast enough."  She hung her head. "We might need Varok after all."

Mara seemed like she was almost done with the solution, but Zach knew they were probably in over their heads and needed help for the final compound. Bones seemed to trust Ltjg Varok's lab skills and his discreteness earlier. So Zach took a chance and called him. Guiltily, he also thought that the famed Vulcan neck pinch might come in handy before there was nothing left of his lab.  

Lieutenant j.g. Varok walked into Counselor Zuniga's office.  The young Vulcan had no idea why he was asked to report here instead of Cargo Bay 2, where the crew that had just been rescued were being beamed into.  He snapped to attention.

“Lieutenant junior grade Varok reporting as requested,” he said evenly. He looked around. There was no one there but a note to his attention on the counselor's desk telling him to meet in the botany lab, and instructions on how to get there. The Vulcan raised a brow, not even realizing there was a botany lab in this area of the ship.

Storing the note in his pocket, Varok set off. His brow raised once again when he passed into the Rihannsu area. It was most impressive. He continued of and then entered the botany lab. Once again, a brow shot up, looking at the scene before him.

“Lieutenant junior grade Varok reporting as requested,” Varok said.

Mara saw Varok and sighed in relief.  "You're a sight for sore eyes." She said aloud and then whispered.

"She's about to go berserk!  I can't get the ratios perfect for some reason."

Zach leaned in and added.  "Please hurry, she's taking my lab apart piece by piece!"

“Ratios correct for what?” Varok asked.  He looked around Zuniga at Dr. Harris. “What is going on?”

Bones looked up at the newcomer and ran over, “Thank your 2 Vulcan suns that you're here, m'boy! PLEASE tell me you brought some! All of this,” she waved dramatically around the lab, “will be fixed if I could just get one more dose. I promise!”

The newly promoted LtJG had a feeling he was about to earn his pips. He walked into the situation completely unknowing, but he was starting to get a general idea of what was going on. He turned to Counselor Zuniga and Mara with a raised eyebrow hoping for at least a simple explanation or confirmation of what he now suspected.

"We are trying to help Dr Harris detox from Felicium." Zach stated plainly.  He hoped that the Vulcan would appreciate the direct approach.

"We've got everything here that we need to make the formula to help her get it out of her system fast but somewhere one of us must have calculated the ratios wrong."  Mara added. "And we hope you can find the error so we can help Bones.....frankly, we needed this done yesterday."

Bones sighed, “I'm in charge so let me speak here. I've already given Mara all the formulas. I don't know what's taking so long. We need to set up 3 saline mixture bags on a 3 hour drip each,” she counted on her fingers, “that's....9 , yes, 9 hours. That should do it. However, it's my professional medical opinion that before we do that, I should get one last dose. I'm telling you, if I have a clear head I can do this. I can do it all myself, I just need one more!” She was tapping her foot and kept crossing and uncrossing her arms.

“You now have a clear head, Doctor,” Varok said calmly. “In a manner of speaking.” He looked to Mara. “May I see the equations, please?” The nurse handed him the PADD.

Varok took a moment to read over the data. He took one glance at Bones, then looked back to the PADD. His fingers ran quickly over the screen, entering commands.  “Try this, Nurse.”

Bones started pacing again, “why is no one listening to me?? I'm telling you. I could have this done in less than 5 minutes if you do what I say!” She went over to the nearest wall and started hitting it with her open palm to punctuate her words, “I'm getting pretty damn sick of being ignored. This is the problem. It's not fair and no one is listening!” She grabbed another empty glass test tube and threw it against the wall, relishing in the crash and breaking sound it made. “There. Did you hear that? Who's listening now?”

Mara held one hand palm out as if to ward off the CMO.  In the other she dangled the freshly prepped IV bag that contained the formula which would assist Bones in the detox process. "Look what I have!  You were right, we needed Varok to get it just right. It was his brilliant Vulcan mind that realized that we needed to add some of the Felicium into our solution in order to activate it.  So, it looks like you get your wish after all."

Mara approached Bones with the IV, and was happy Bones couldn't read her thoughts because Varok had done no such thing, however, with the sedative added in to his tweaked formula, Bones would be nodding off soon, allowing her body to rest and it to begin flushing the poison out and giving them their friend back. "I'm so glad we called Varok. If he weren't a Vulcan, I'd kiss him."

Bones nodded, “Alright. Now we are getting somewhere. See! I told you!” She headed over to the cot and sat down, and rolled up her sleeve. “Alright, Let's get on with it, dammit!”

Mara wasted no time getting the drip started and making sure it was titrated properly.  "You should feel some of your discomfort ease in less than five and you'll be feeling relaxed instead of tense.  Oh, you might feel a bit dizzy, so you probably should lie down."

The nurse looked over at Varok and Zach and placed a finger over her lips, hoping they would keep their mouths shut.

Zach smiled weakly.  He was pleased that Dr. Harris believed what Mara had told her but somewhere inside he worried about how well the nurse could spin a yarn..But she wouldn't lie to him like that....or would she?  He felt nervous at the thought that if she did, he would be the last to know,

Dr. Harris rolled her eyes at the nurse's placating tone, “we are going to have to have a talk about how you speak to me one of these days. I'm not a child. Also, I know a little bit of how medical things work. I am going to have to monitor this process so I don't need to lie dow...,” she trailed off as she abruptly fell back onto the cot fast asleep.

"Thank the stars!"  Zach exclaimed. "My poor lab!" He moaned surveying the destruction done by Bones' rampage.

Mara rolled her eyes at him.  "Drama queen!" She accused. “Don't worry,  we'll have plenty of time to clean up, she will need at least three rounds of the formula before she'll be able to function almost normally."



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