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  Ensign T'Radt, SD
Helm DL, 201810.08
Helm Duty Log, Stardate 201810.08
Lt.j.g. T'Radt recording.

Today we had to change course to intercept another of the green masses that held missing Starfleet crew. I was ordered to take the ship to maximum warp and the alteration in our course took us a half hour at full warp to reach the mass. I am not certain why we didn't just make a quick slip-stream jump. That would have decreased our arrival time dramatically. I could have made the recommendation to do so, but I did not, so I guess you could say I failed in that instance. Regardless, we arrivedat the location. I know the command officers were concerned it might be a trap, which it could very well have been, but it did not turn out to be so. The crew, sixty-five of them, were beamed to Cargo Bay 2. We held position a little while longer while Commander Lobren did a full sweep for any signs of other masses or the anomaly that creates them.

End Log
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